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Dear Everyone,


The text in the sections below is from a letter sent through the registered post to The Law Society of Northern Ireland last Saturday (April 8th 2017).

According to the Royal Mail the letter was successfully delivered at 09:52am yesterday morning (April 11th 2017).

A copy of the full letter, which includes scanned copies of the five Law Society Complaints Form pages can be viewed at:

Yours respectfully,

William Finnerty

WEB SITE: http://www.humanrightsireland.com

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Mr. John Mackell
Director of Client (Solicitor) Complaints
The Law Society of Northern Ireland
Law Society House
96 Victoria Street
Northern Ireland

April 8th 2017

Your Reference: JM/MB

Dear Mr Mackell,


In connection with this complaint, and as was the case with my complaint of January 28th 2017 relating to lawyers Ms Louise Moley LL.B and Mr Ronan McGuigan LL.B, I wish you to know that, for a number of reasons, I have done my best to try to avoid making it. Mindful, for example, of the suggestion "It is in the interest of both you and the Solicitor that you try and resolve any outstanding concerns about the nature of the work between you", in Section 9 of the Northern Ireland Law Society CCFO "SOLICITORS' IN-HOUSE COMPLAINTS PROCEDURE FORM", I have delayed writing this letter to you in the hope of finding some means of resolving my outstanding concerns and difficulties, without formally complaining to the Law Society of Northern Ireland. However, and despite my best efforts to keep Ms McShane and her colleagues at McShanes Law Firm informed and updated regarding the several outstanding "legal, medical, financial and social" difficulties that I continue to struggle with, I have not heard anything at all from anybody at McShanes since the letter I received from Mr Paul J.O'Kane LL.B dated November 7th 2016. Please find enclosed copy marked Item #1. A scanned copy of this letter can also be viewed at the following www location:

My most recent attempt to communicate with Ms Aoife McShane and her colleagues at McShanes Law Firm can be viewed in the email I copied to them  on March 23rd 2017, which was addressed primarily to Ms Alyson McBride at Helm Housing in Belfast. Please find enclosed a copy of this email which I have marked Item #2. There is a slightly edited copy the email in question at:
and, an unedited "Gmail PDF" version of the same email at:

Please find enclosed my completed CCF1 Law Society Complaints Form, which together with related notes consisting of five A4 sheets I have attached to the CCF1 Form, and marked the combination  Item #3

Within the coming few days I will place a copy of this letter on the www system which, should you wish to use them, will hopefully make it easier for you to access the several www links associated with this letter. I will place the copy at the following www location:

If there is any further information in connection with this complaint that you need from me, please let me know and I will do my best to provide you with it as soon as I can.

It would be much appreciated if you, or one of your colleagues at the Northern Ireland Law Society, could please let me have an acknowledgement of receipt for this letter.

Yours sincerely,

William Finnerty.

** ******** ****
Northern Ireland
*** ***

WEB SITE: http://www.humanrightsireland.com

ENCLOSED:  Please find eleven items marked "Item#1" to "Item #11".

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NOTE #1 (RE: My telephone number):

Although I do have a telephone number, I only use it for outgoing calls. This is because I wish to avoid receiving unwanted and unhelpful calls from people who seem to have little or no knowledge or understanding of the chronic PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) I am suffering from. I have found that such people are inclined to say things to me in conversations which exacerbate, sometimes in major ways, the symptoms of this PTSD medical condition.

Evidence of the now chronic PTSD condition I am suffering from can be viewed in the attached copy of the "To Whom It May Concern Letter" dated October 28th 2005 from Dr Michael McCavert GP, who used to be my GP when I lived in Omagh. Enclosed please find a copy of this letter which I have markedItem #11. Using two registered letters, I have tried to get an updated version of Dr McCavert's October 28th 2005 "To Whom It May Concern" letter by writing to my present GP, Dr John Radcliffe, at the Meadowlands Surgery in Newry. Unfortunately, and for reasons unknown to me, I have so far not received any reply of any kind from anybody connected with the Meadowlands Surgery to these two letters. Scanned copies of the two registered letters sent by me to Dr Radcliffe and his colleagues at Meadowlands Surgery, dated April 26th 2016 and August 1st 2016, can be viewed at the www locations provided just below:
Registered Letter #1 (April 26th 2016):
Registered Letter #2 (August 1st 2016):

I feel I should also inform you that on account of the fact that I have a number of unresolved legal problems, Newry Daisy Hill Hospital Consultant Psychologist Dr Elizabeth McMonagle has informed me, on May 17th 2016, that I can not be provided with "talking therapy" (of the kind I have been seeking for years) for the chronic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder I have now been suffering from for the past 17 years or so. The reason for this, according to Dr McMonagle, and assuming I understood her correctly, is that there is some kind of hospital “rule” which prevents the "Daisy Hill Hospital Support and Recovery Team" from providing such therapy for individuals who, like myself, are struggling with unresolved legal problems. Although Dr McMonagle never said so, my suspicion is that she was -- in reality -- almost certainly referring to "unresolved legal problems" connected with the "wrong doings" of "public officials and bodies" of the kind Dr Michael McCavert GP has referred to in his October 28th 2005 "To Whom It May Concern" referred to above. Additional information relating to this ban can be found in an email dated May 26th 2016 that I sent to Northern Ireland First Minister Arlene Foster LL.B, MLA, a Gmail PDF copy of which can be viewed at the following www location:

You may wish to note that lawyer Aoife McShane and a number of her colleagues at McShanes Law Firm were among those the email at the www address just above was copied to, and that I sent it to them partly in the hope that she, or one of the several other professional lawyers included on the "Cc" list of the email, might provide me with some legal advise on the legality of the ban on "talking therapy" referred to in the paragraph just above. However, as I have not received any offers of help from anybody at McShanes Solicitors regarding this matter, I feel forced to speculate that there must also be some kind of "legal profession ban" which is preventing all members of the legal profession from discussing the "wrong doings" of "public officials and bodies" with people like myself who are trying to expose the public official "wrong doers", and to have them brought to justice.

With further reference to members of the medical profession, my understanding is that the decisions relating to the "ban" which Hospital Consultant Dr Elizabeth McMonagle informed me about on May 17th 2016 -- a "ban" which I have long suspected is almost certainly completely unlawful, and the product of some major form of   systemic corruption  -- also involved Newry's Daisy Hill Hospital Consulted Psychiatrist Dr Mark McCauley, who I had two consultations with at Daisy Hill Hospital some months before May 17th 2016.

===   ===   === 

RE: PART 3 OF NI LAW SOCIETY CCF1 COMPLAINT FORM - Who is your solicitor acting for?

NOTE #2 (RE: My initial complaint letter, and other items of closely associated correspondence):

a) Please find enclosed a printed copy of my initial "in house" formal complaint letter to Aoife McShane dated May 9th 2016, which is marked "Item #4". There is also a copy of it at the following www location:

b) Please find enclosed a printed copy of McShanes Solicitors May 17th 2016 reply to my “in house” complaint, written by Paul J O'Kane LL.B, which is marked "Item #5”. There is also a copy of it at the following www location:



Please find enclosed the copy of an email to Aoife McShane dated March 7th 2016 marked "Item 6". There is also a copy of this email at:  

d) Please find enclosed the copy of a letter dated March 9th 2016 from Aoife McShane marked "Item 7". There is also a copy of this letter at:  

Please find enclosed a printed copy of a registered letter dated April 4th 2016, marked "Item 8", which I sent to Aoife McShane. This letter, in large part, was an attempt by me to try to avoid ever making the formal "in house" complaint dated May 9th 2016 referred to under a) and "Item #4" above. There is also a copy of this registered letter at the following www location:

f) Please find enclosed a printed copy of a letter dated October 12th 2016, marked "Item 9", which I sent through the registered post to Paul J. O'Kane (of "McShanes Solicitors"). There is also a copy of this registered letter at the following www location:

g) Please find enclosed a printed copy of a registered letter dated October 31st 2016 I sent to Dr Frank Giddis, Head of Research and Policy at The Law Society of Northern Ireland, which is marked “Item #10”.  There is also a copy of this registered letter at the following www location:

===   ===   ===

RE: PART 4 OF NI LAW SOCIETY CCF1 COMPLAINT FORM - Nature of Work and relevant issues

NOTE #3 (RE: the kind of legal work involved):

I initially went to see Aoife McShane LL.B on March 7th 2016 for the specific purpose of trying to quickly get an injunction to prevent my former landlord -- Mr Patsy Heaney of Clanrye Properties in Newry -- from "disposing" of belongings of mine, which I had reason to believe Mr Heaney might be on the verge of doing.

In order to take me on as a client, Ms McShane explained that I would need to sign a legal paper enabling her and McShanes Solicitors to take over from McGuigan and Malone Solicitors. Although I signed the legal paper enabling Ms McShane to take over from Ms Louise Moley LL.B and the now closed down law firm of McGuigan and Malone Solicitors, Ms McShane never did take over my case from McGuigan and Malone Solicitors. It is also the case that I never got back any of the belongings of mine referred to in the paragraph immediately above.

More detailed information on "the relevant issues" can be found in the texts of the enclosed items marked “Item #1”,  “ Item #4”, ”Item #5”, ”Item #6”, ”Item 7”, ”Item #8”, and “Item #10”.


As you will know, Ms Louise Moley LL.B and Mr Ronan McGuigan LL.B are the subject of a closely related complaint to this one, which I made to The Law Society of Northern Ireland earlier this year. Further information relating to this earlier complaint of mine can be found in the texts of the two registered letters dated January 28th 2017 and February  23rd 2017 registered letters at the following two www locations:
1) http://www.humanrightsireland.com/NorthernIrelandLawSociety/28January2017/ScannedRegisteredLetter.htm


At this stage, the overall legal work in question requires the use of what I see as basic principles and issues relating to the general contents of the CHARTER OF FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS OF THE EUROPEAN UNION (and other similar legislation involving human rights law), which, in the case of the EU CHARTER OF FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS, came fully into force in December 2009 I understand. For several years now, I have been particularly interested in, and desperately in need of, the very basic human rights principles of the "Right to an effective remedy and to a fair trial", and "of being advised, defended and represented", in the manner stated in the text of Article 47 of this EU Charter. As I feel sure you will already know, the full text of Article 47 reads as follows:

"Right to an effective remedy and to a fair trial 

Everyone whose rights and freedoms guaranteed by the law of the Union are violated has the right to an effective remedy before a tribunal in compliance with the conditions laid down in this Article.

Everyone is entitled to a fair and public hearing within a reasonable time by an independent and impartial tribunal previously established by law. Everyone shall have the possibility of being advised, defended and represented.

Legal aid shall be made available to those who lack sufficient resources in so far as such aid is necessary to ensure effective access to justice."

===   ===   ===

NOTE #4 (RE: When did you last instruct your solicitor?):

The last email I copied to Aoife McShane LL.B and her colleagues at McShanes Solicitors, for the purpose of "instructing" them -- "instructing" as in "trying to make them aware and to keep them updated", regarding my ongoing set of legal, medical, financial and social difficulties, and in the hope that they might provide me with some help -- was sent to them on March 23rd 2017. A copy of that email is included with this letter, please see "Item 2" enclosed, and there is also a copy of it at the following www location.

===   ===   ===

NOTE #5 (RE: How are you paying for the work?):

I signed legal aid papers during my March 7th 2016 meeting with Aoife McShane which, at the time -- and with due regard for the very clear "legal aid" reference in the text of Article 47 of the CHARTER OF FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS OF THE EUROPEAN UNION reproduced above in NOTE #3 -- I believed would have enabled her to receive legal aid payments for the legal work I needed doing, subject (I assume) to approval by one or more of the three separate legal aid schemes which I understand are in use at the present time in Northern Ireland.

===   ===   ===


("The Facts"):

Most of the basic facts of my case with McShanes Solicitors are, I believe, set out in the texts of the three registered letters of mine dated:
April 4th 2016 ("Item #8" enclosed);
October 12th 2016 ("Item #9" enclosed); and,
October 31st 2016 (Item # 10 enclosed).

Copies of the three registered letters referred to above can also be viewed at the following www locations:

1) http://www.humanrightsireland.com/McShaneLawFirmNewry/4April2016/RegisteredLetter.htm

2) http://www.humanrightsireland.com/McShaneLawFirmNewry/12Oct2016/RegisteredLetter.htm

3) http://www.humanrightsireland.com/NorthernIrelandLawSociety/31October2016/RegisteredLetter.htm

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NOTE #7 ("Reasons for your Complaint"):

1) My former landlord (Mr Patsy Heaney) has never returned my belongings to me, and I would still like them back.

2) McShanes Solicitors have not taken over my case from the now closed-down McGuigan Malone Solicitors, as Aoife McShane gave me to understand she was definitely going to do during my meeting with her on March 7th 2016.

3) I am still without "legal representation", and I still do not know where I can find "legal representation" of the kind that supports, in practical ways, the basic Article 47 set of legal principles I have reproduced in NOTE #3 above.     

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NOTE #8 ("Solution you would prefer"):

The solutions I would prefer are these:

1) That, at this stage, my former landlord  (Mr Patsy Heaney) be challenged in a court of law regarding his overall set of responses to the murder attempt on my life, which he witnessed from a distance of just a few yards, in bright daylight; on the afternoon of December 16th 2015;
2) That I be provided with the services of a professional lawyer who a) recognises the factual existence of Article 47 of the CHARTER OF FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS OF THE EUROPEAN UNION, and b) is willing and able to use it on my behalf for the purpose of providing me with "an effective remedy" for the large and steadily growing set of legal, medical, financial and social difficulties I am at present struggling with, and which I have already been struggling with for a period of several years now.

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(February 26th 2016 General Election Day in Republic of Ireland)




"Pistols for two Rostov, and coffee for one."


Which of the two  "political systems"  will  "the people"  of the world end up with?






















The Future of Politics and Law in the Internet Age

 (or totalitarian rule) is a political system where the state recognizes no limits to its authority and strives to regulate every aspect of public and private life wherever feasible."

From: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Totalitarianism
 "Constitutionalism   is descriptive of a complicated concept, deeply imbedded in historical experience, which subjects the officials who exercise governmental powers to the limitations of a higher law. Constitutionalism proclaims the desirability of the rule of law (based on constitutional law, and laws connected with the Charter of the United Nations, and the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights for example)  as opposed to rule by the arbitrary judgment or mere fiat of public officials…. Throughout the literature dealing with modern public law and the foundations of statecraft the central element of the concept of constitutionalism is that in political society government officials are not free to do anything they please in any manner they choose; they are bound to observe both the limitations on power and the procedures which are set out in the supreme, constitutional law of the community. It may therefore be said that the touchstone of constitutionalism is the concept of limited government under a higher law." 

From: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Constitutionalism
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"As the adve'sawies have wefused a weconciliation, please pwoceed. Take your pistols, and at the word thwee, ... War and Peace ..."

By Russian Author  Leo Tolstoy 

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"Leo Tolstoy, Abraham Lincoln, Human Rights Ireland ..."
Related Indymedia (Ireland) Comment:
by W. Finnerty Thu May 16, 2013 12:30
Please note that, for technical reasons beyond my control, the dozen or so "Internet Hyperlinks" provided in the "Related Open News Topics" section below will appear as "dead text" in this "Indymedia (Ireland)" comment. However, the original "live working" versions of these hyperlinks can be found (and used) in the edition of the message-text at the www address provided above; and, they were included in this morning's e-mail to the United Nations because, between them, they seem (to me) to provide a pretty good indication/"feel" of just how MASSIVE, VARIED, WIDESPREAD, and DEEPLY ENTRENCHED, the global "government corruption, crime, cover-ups, bullying, and impunity" problem really is at the present time: and, most important of all perhaps, I think they also, as a set, supply a tangible "handle" (of sorts) on the very slimy, very extensive, and often very blurred "DENIAL (genuine and/or pretend) MINDSET PROBLEM", which continues to so powerfully, and frequently INVISIBLY, and often from "way behind the scenes", to "fuel and drive" the whole accelerating global phenomenon of "government corruption, crime, cover-ups, bullying, and impunity". Has anything really changed fundamentally among the arrogant/ignorant/stupid "ruling elites" (i.e. the "human tin-gods" who are trying to "play GOD" and making complete fools of themselves in the process), I often find myself asking myself, since the days (in the 1400s AD) of the "Borgias Pope Family" in Holy Rome: "The Original Crime Family of The Vatican", as they have been labelled by some?'

'A bit like other aspects of the universe itself perhaps, it may be that this particularly nasty MINDSET "type social problem" (as I see it), in very large part a human-brain "software problem" I suspect, which I have long viewed as a major threat for "humanity as a whole", and maybe even for the whole of "Life on Earth" possibly -- when and if the constantly-lurking risk, above and below the surface of the Earth (particularly in the oceans of our World), of "the makings" of a  "Hell on Earth" Thermonuclear World War Three   is taken into account -- is a problem that is half-invisibly expanding outwards (and inwards as well at the same time in its particular case!!) at something approaching the speed of light? Or at least the speed of sound perhaps, and with much of the credit for the "expansion in all directions" due to the bankster owned/controlled MSM (Main Stream Media).'
The two excerpts just above formed part of an Indymedia (Ireland) comment made on Thursday May 16th, 2013 at 12:30.
The full Thursday May 16th 2013 12:30 Indymedia (Ireland) comment which the excerpts were taken from can be viewed at:


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Bratach na hÉireann


(Flag of the Republic of Ireland)



Article 6.1 of Bunreacht na hEireann (the Constitution of the Republic of Ireland):

"All powers of government, legislative, executive and judicial, derive, under God, from the people, whose right it is to designate the rulers of the State and, in final appeal, to decide all questions of national policy, according to the requirements of the common good."








 "technological advances" and the Third Global Diaspora Forum: 




"Fondly do we hope, fervently do we pray ...

... that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth."


The two pieces of text just above are from two different speeches made by former
President of the Republic of the United States of America Abraham Lincoln.


Abraham Lincoln (16th US President): Born on February 12th 1809; Died April 15th 1865.
(Assassinated by a single bullet fired into the back of his head at Ford's Theatre in Washington DC on the evening of April 14th 1865)


"I have been driven many times upon my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had nowhere else to go."


"My own wisdom, and that of all about me, seemed insufficient for the day."


Abraham Lincoln




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