Registered Letter dated December 9th 2019 to
Belfast Community Outreach Officer Ms Corrina Hogan


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Belfast Community Outreach Officer Ms Corrina Hogan
Make The Call
Knockbreada Jobs and Benefits Office
Upper Knockbreada Road
BT8 6SX                                                                                                                      December 9th 2019

Dear Ms Hogan,


Thank you for your letter dated December 4th, a scanned copy of which I have placed at the following www location:

Please know that when I phoned the "Make The Call" telephone number on November 28th, I did so in the hope that I would be put in touch with a person who was in a position to discuss with me the overall set of difficulties I am struggling with (which have built up over the past twenty years or so), for the purpose of resolving them.

The set of difficulties in question includes the unresolved problems I have listed in my letter dated November 3rd 2018 to Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Paul Bell, a copy of which can be viewed at:

Also, there are more recent additions to my difficulties, and further information on them can be found in the text of my December 4th email to Belfast Housing Benefit Manager Mrs Colette McCorry, a copy of which can be viewed at:

The contents of your December 4th letter to me (referred to above) suggests to me that you would not have the necessary remit to help me in any way with many of the overall set of unresolved problems I have referred to above. This being the case, I regret having to inform you that I feel I cannot sensibly meet with you on Friday December 13th. The main reason I feel this way is because I have had several bad experiences during the past twenty years or so whereby I tried to get help from people who, in effect, were unable to help me, and the result was that the symptoms of the C-PTSD (Complex-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) I suffer from were, much more often than not, greatly exacerbated for varying periods of time after such meetings. As I trust you will understand, and allowing for the fact that I am still not receiving any treatment from the medical profession for the C-PTSD I am suffering from, and still without any legal representation of any kind, as referred to in my email to Mrs Colette McCorry at the www location immediately above, I feel I have to avoid all such meetings as much as I possibly can.

I have tried to get help from my present GP (Dr David Cheyne) regarding this problem of I having to try to accurately communicate the troublesome events of the past twenty years or so (which have caused me to end up suffering from C-PTSD) to a complete stranger, and all within the space of an hour or so. Evidence of my request to Dr Cheyne to try and help with this problem can be viewed in the letter I sent to him through the registered post on December 13th 2018, a scanned copy of which can be viewed at Unfortunately, and although I do not know exactly what went wrong, it seems Dr Cheyne GP was unable to facilitate me with the kind of arrangement I sought. The troublesome events in question include the fact that during the past 12 years or so I have needed to borrow a total of approximately 100,000 from my brother (Gerald Finnerty) and my half-sister (Marjorie Dolan) against my now derelict home in the Republic of Ireland: and which, for obvious reasons, I feel I need to pay back to them in full as soon as I possibly can.

"Common symptoms of PTSD and Complex PTSD that sufferers report experiencing":

I feel I should also point out that on September 11th I formally appealed the decision to cancel my Pension Credit payments, evidence of which can be found at at: It is also the case that I have decided to try to have the decision to cancel my Housing Benefit payments examined by "an independent tribunal", and that I am at present waiting for a reply from Belfast Housing Benefit Manager Mrs Colette McCorry regarding the information I have requested from her in the final paragraph of my email to her dated December 4th, a copy of which can be viewed at

Finally, I feel I should also point out that, correctly or otherwise, I am strongly of the opinion there are major "Duty of Care" issues connected with my case which need to be taken into account in the "here-and-now", and that I sent a letter regarding this matter to UK Attorney General Geoffrey Cox QC MP on November 15th. A scanned copy of the registered letter in question, together with scanned copies of the associated Post Office receipt and Proof of Delivery note can be viewed at: .

To date, please know that I have not received any reply of any kind from Attorney General Cox, or from any of his support staff, to the registered letter referred to at the www address immediately above.

Yours sincerely,

William Finnerty.

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