Registered Letter dated December 18th 2019 to
The Officer in Charge at the Northern Ireland Appeals Service


Royal Mail Post Office Receipt Reference Number: VE251105990GB


Message Text of Letter:

The Officer in Charge,
The Appeals Service (Northern Ireland),
PO Box 2202,
BT1 9YJ.                                                                                                                                December 18th 2019

Your Reference: Case Number BE/6784/19/45/O

Dear Sir/Madam,


On September 30th 2019 I began the process of seeking information on how to go about appealing a decision which the Belfast Housing Benefit Unit appeared to me to be on the verge of making at that time, which related to what was then the suspension of my Housing Benefit payments. Further information relating to this matter can be viewed in the copy of the letter I sent through the registered post to Belfast Housing Executive Manager Mrs Colette McCorry referred to at the following www location:

The September 30th letter referred to just above was followed by another closely related registered letter dated November 19th 2019 to the Belfast Housing Executive Office, in which I formally requested an appeal. A copy of that letter can be viewed at:

I received a response (to my September 30th letter) in an email from Mrs Colette McCorry dated December 2nd, and I answered her (by email) on December 4th. A copy of my December can be viewed at:

As can be seen at the www address just above, part of the text of my email reads as follows:

'Assuming it is possible, allowing for what I have stated above, for me to now go ahead with the formal appeal to "an independent tribunal" I wish to make regarding the decision of your office to cancel my Housing Benefit payments, it would be much appreciated if you could please let me know what I need to do next, for the purpose of making progress with such an appeal?".

Please know that I have not received any reply from Mrs McCorry, or from any of her colleagues at Belfast Housing Executive, to the question of mine referred to in the paragraph immediately above.

Assuming it is possible (in the circumstances) for me to now validly lodge a formal appeal against the decision by the Belfast Housing Executive to cancel my Housing Benefit payments, my hope is that your office will be able to provide me with the guidance I feel I need for the purpose of making progress with it.

Finally, with regard to the housing benefit appeal information I am requesting from you, I feel I should point out that I am anxious to avoid meetings if possible. Information relating to the particular difficulties I have regarding meetings can be found, should you require it, in the letter I sent dated December 9th 2019 to Belfast Community Outreach Officer Corrina Hogan at:

Yours sincerely,

William Finnerty.

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