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State Tyranny and the treatment of associated Complex-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD)

Wednesday, 13 August, 2008 1:55 PM
From  William Finnerty  Wed Aug 13 12:55:42 2008
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Subject: State Tyranny and the treatment of associated Complex-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD)
To: Liam Aylward MEP <>, Simon Covney MEP <>, Brian Crowley MEP <>, Proinsias De Rossa MEP <>, Avril Doyle MEP <>, Marian Harkin MEP <>, Jim Higgins MEP <>, Mary Lou McDonald MEP <>, Mairead McGuinness MEP <>, Gay Mitchell MEP <>, "Sean O'Neachtain (MEP)" <>, Eoin Ryan MEP <>, Kathy Sinnott MEP <>, James Nicholson MEP <>, Mrs Bairbre de Brun MEP <>, Jim Allister MEP <>
Cc: "Dr Hans-Gert Pöttering (President of the European Parliament)" <>, European Union & French President Nicolas Sarkozy <>, "Jose Manuel Barroso (President of European Union Commission)" <>, "The Registrar, European Court of Human Rights, Council of Europe, Strasbourg. (Re: ECHR Case Reference: 25077/05)" <>, "Nikiforos Diamandouros (The European Ombudsman) Case ref: 1867/2006/IP)" <>, "Stavros Dimas (European Union Commissioner for Environment)" <>, "Liam Cashman (Environmental Directorate, The European Commission)" <>, "Ashley Mote (Independent MEP for South East England Region)" <>, Christopher Story FRSA <>, "Liberty (UK Human Rights Organisation)" <>, Amnesty International UK <>, "Amnesty International (Ireland)" <>, Amnesty Galway Group <>, "Human Rights Watch (London)" <>, "OneWorld International Foundation (Human Rights)" <>, Centre for Public Inquiry <>, Center for Human Rights & Constitutional Law <>, "Irish Centre for Human Rights (National University of Ireland)" <>, "The International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW)" <>, "Gerard Madden (Senior Social Worker, Omagh, Northern Ireland)" <>, Dr Michael McCavert GP <>, "Dr Thomas Foster (Consultant Psychiatrist, Omagh & Fermanagh Hospital, Northern Ireland)" <>, "Louise Arbour (UN High Commissioner for Human Rights)" <>, "Ban Ki-moon (Secretary-General of the United Nations)" <>
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Printed and signed copies of the e-mail reproduced below were sent through the recorded delivery post the day before yesterday (i.e. August 11th 2008) to:

1)  Dr Thomas Foster (UK Consultant Psychiatrist at Omagh Hospital, Northern Ireland);

2)  Republic of Ireland Prime Minister Brian Cowan TD;


3)  UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown MP.

A "public" copy of the e-mail -- complete with Yahoo message identification and Internet tracking information, and with translation facilities for several languages - - has also been placed at the following Internet address (which some viewers may find easier to read than the "forwarded" version below):


--- On Mon, 11/8/08, William Finnerty <> wrote:

From: William Finnerty <>
Subject: State Tyranny and the treatment of associated Complex-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD)
To: "Dr Thomas Foster (Consultant Psychiatrist, Omagh & Fermanagh Hospital, Northern Ireland)" <>
Cc: "Chief Inspector Michael Winters (Omagh Police Station)" <>, "Garda Commissioner Noel Conroy (Chief Commissioner of Police, Republic of Ireland)" <>, "Northern Ireland Chief Constable Sir Hugh Orde OBE" <>, "Northern Ireland Health Minister Michael McGimpsey MLA" <>, "The Rt Hon Alan Johnson MP, UK Secretary of State for Health" <>, "National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence" <>, "Geraldine Kerr (The Northern Ireland Centre for Trauma & Transformation)" <>, "Northern Ireland Social Security Agency (Reference Disability Case Reference 52-82267 for YH615974D)" <>, "Republic of Ireland Prime Minister Brian Cowen TD" <>, "Deputy Prime Minister Mary Coughlan TD" <>, "Health Minister Mary Harney TD" <>, "Justice Minister Dermot Ahern TD" <>, "John Gormley TD (Republic of Ireland Green Party Leader & Minister for Environment, Heritage and Local Government)" <>, "Foreign Affairs Minister Micheal Martin TD" <>, "Gerard Madden(Senior Social Worker, Omagh, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland)" <>, "Gerald Finnerty & Marjorie Dolan (New Inn, County Galway)" <>, "Siobhan Finnerty" <>, "Adrian O' Kane (Lawyer at Patrick Fahy & Co, Omagh)" <>, "Michael Farrell (Lawyer, Irish Human Rights Commissioner)" <>, "Ciara Macklin (Lawyer, Fair & Murtagh)" <>, "Gearoid Geraghty (Lawyer, Fair & Murtagh, Ballinasloe, County Galway)" <>, "Greg Nolan (Lawyer at Patrick Hogan & Co., Ballinalsloe, County Galway, Republic of Ireland)" <>, "Shauna Gillan (Barrister, Matrix Chambers, London)" <>, "John Reilly (Barrister, Tooks Chambers, London)" <>, "Geraldine Kennedy (Irish Times Editor)" <>, "Miriam Cotton & David Manning" <>, "Vincent Browne" <>, "RTE (Irish National TV Station)" <>, "Sir Anthony O'Reilly, Newspaper Proprietor" <>, "UTV (Newsroom)" <>, "Polly Toynbee (Journalist & Broadcaster)" <>, "John Pilger (Documentary Film Maker)" <>, "Rupert Murdock" <>, "Sky News" <>, "BBC NEWS" <>, "Jon Snow, Presenter, Channel 4 News" <>, "France 24" <>, "Al Jazeera" <>, "Ashley Mote(Independent MEP for South East England Region)" <>, "Christopher Story FRSA" <>, "Prime Minister Gordon Brown MP" <>, "Jose Manuel Barroso (Lawyer & President of European Union Commission)" <>, "European Union & French President Nicolas Sarkozy" <>, "The Registrar, European Court of Human Rights, Council of Europe, Strasbourg (Re: ECHR Case Reference: 25077/05)" <>, "The Democracy Defined Campaign" <>, "Claire Smith (President of World Archaeological Congress)" <>, "World Archaeological Congress Executive" <>, "The Spirit of Vercingetorix (Alesia, Castlestrange, Le Tene, and Turoe)" <>, "The Spirit of King Ollamh Fodhla, Great Banqueting Hall (Hill of Tara) & Ulster" <>
Date: Monday, 11 August, 2008, 3:32 PM

Dear Dr Foster,

As you may already know, I received some very welcome and long-awaited information from Gerry Madden (Senior Social Worker) on July 7th last.

The main reason I met Gerry Madden on July 7th was so that he could hand me copies of the papers he had received a few days earlier from the Garda Siochana (Republic of Ireland Police), which clearly state that (following a recent review of my case):

"There are now no outstanding warrants or charges against William Finnerty and he is free to return (to the Republic of Ireland) at any time". 

A scanned copy of the letter in question (dated July 2nd 2008), from Superintendent Enda Walshe, can be viewed at

While this is truly wonderful news for me, it is not unfortunately -- by any means -- the end of the long drawn out saga I accidentally got myself involved in when I returned to the Republic of Ireland in 1998, to retire in the village in County Galway (New Inn) which I grew up in as a child.

Within hours of I returning to my retirement home in New Inn during the Summer of 1998, I was surprised and deeply shocked to see a front page headline in a local newspaper announcing plans which involved the location of a huge "superdump" close to the world famous Turoe Stone, which also happens to be close to my retirement home.

It is also the case that both my home in New Inn, and the Turoe Stone, sit almost on top of the Esker Riada: which is arguably the oldest and most important of the ancient roadways still in use in the world -- at least from the viewpoint of "western" human history and all of the cultures closely connected with Christianity -- and almost certainly the most important of Ireland's "natural" monuments.

Some additional information on the Esker Riada, which as you may already know formed naturally around 10,000 years ago at the end of the last Ice Age in North Western Europe, can be found at ; and, there is also some information on the elaborately carved Turoe Stone, which is widely regarded as the most important piece of Celtic stone-art in the world, at Believed to be in excess of 2,000 years old, and positioned approximately one-third of the way up from its base, the human design carved into this large piece of granite includes a very clear and very contrasting single set of straight "linear" symbols frequently associated with ancient Greece & Rome, and which was almost certainly intended to remind people of the strong links (which included much conflict and bloodshed on occasions) between these three large and very influential ancient culture-groups of Western Europe: Celtic, Greek, and Roman.

After learning of the superdump announcement, things gradually went from bad to worse (from my viewpoint) until -- and I'm skipping over several closely related issues in this letter to you because you were not in any way involved with them -- I first met you and your team in Omagh Hospital several years later, on the morning of December 9th 2004. (Among other things for example, during the intervening period in question it became clear that the Republic of Ireland Government, under the leadership of former Prime Minster Ahern TD who, as you will no doubt already know, had to resign some months ago because of his growing involvement with tribunals investigating corruption, was producing and sustaining unconstitutional legislation: which, in addition to being grossly corrupt, is also completely unlawful of course.)

Getting back to my first meeting with you, and according to notes I made at the time, I took printed copies of two e-mails (each containing some handwritten notes) to the meeting I had with you on December 9th 2004: which I left with you and your four-person team, and which I believed you -- or a member of your team, which included Dr Kelly -- would study carefully between then and the next meeting I had with you.

Electronic copies of the two e-mails in question can be viewed at the following locations:

1) Email dated December 6th 2004 to Ms Ciara Macklin (Lawyer at Fair & Murtagh):

2) Email (dated November 29th 2004) to Gearoid Geraghty (Lawyer at Fair & Murtagh):

An hour or so before my second meeting with you and your team, on December 13th 2004, during a pre-meeting interview with Nurse Sally Sheridan, I handed her a note (to take to you and your full team) which set out my main concerns at the time. A scanned copy of the note in question can be seen at:

When I entered the room where your team-meeting was being held an hour or so later, and to my great surprise and amazement, it very quickly became clear that you had decided to completely ignore the entire contents of all three of the items of correspondence referred to just above; and, that you had also decided to have me put out of the hospital the following day (December 14th 2004) with nowhere to go, and with no support of any kind.

Why did you do this to me? -- having due regard for the fact that I agreed to enter Omagh hospital just seven days earlier, on account of the fact that a number of health care professionals I met in Omagh on December 7th 2004 obviously believed I was in a suicidal state of mind, and gently made comments and suggestions (to me) along such lines for the purpose of ensuring I took up their kind and caring offer of finding me a bed in the local hospital?

There is also of course the matter of Article 5 of The Universal Declaration on Human Rights (produced in 1948) which states:

"No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment."

The full text of this United Nations document can be viewed at: .

By having me thrown out of the hospital in the way that you did on December 14th 2004, you subjected me to mental torture of a kind which I believe is an extremely serious criminal offence, and it is for this reason I am copying this e-mail to the police.

For the benefit of the police, and other interested parties, I wish to make it clear that some months after I was thrown out of Omagh Hospital (completely against my wishes), Dr McCavert GP diagnosed me as suffering from Complex-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and a copy of his "To Whom It May Concern Letter" which states this can be seen at:

Also, and as Gerry Madden has related in his letter dated November 7th 2005 to former Justice Minister Michael McDowell (Republic of Ireland), I believe I was already suffering from C-PTSD (Complex-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) in May 2002, some 30 months or so before I came under your care in Omagh Hospital in December 2004; a copy of the letter in question, written by Gerry Madden, can be seen at
In fact, and although I did not have a name for this medical condition until Gerry Madden and Dr McCavert provided me with one in 2005, I believe I have been suffering from C-PTSD since sometime around year 2000, which is when I first started to experience the set of symptoms that I now know are commonly associated (among medical practitioners and social workers that is) with C-PTSD.

Please note that (so far) I have never received any treatment from a suitably experienced psychiatrist or psychologist for the C-PTSD I suffer with, even though it is clear that there are psychologists who can provide such treatment; please see scanned copy of the Irish Times newspaper article (by psychologist Marie Murray) which Gerry Madden handed me on April 19th 2006 (which is of course well over two years ago now) at: .

I have raised the matter of the long standing -- and ongoing -- difficulties I am having in receiving treatment for C-PTSD in my latter to Dr McCavert dated February 2nd 2008, which can be seen at: .

Please note my letter at the address just above contains reference to the set of symptoms (C-PTSD symptoms as I see them) which I continue to suffer from, and a copy of the Northern Ireland "Centre for Trauma & Transformation" Flier which lists them can be seen at .

In his written reply to me dated March 9th 2008, a scanned copy of which can be viewed at , Dr McCavert states: "I have written and spoken to the psychiatric team via Gerry Madden and I feel that is all I should do at present."

Largely as a result of this statement from Dr McCavert I decided not to go to see him (as he suggested in his March 9th 2008 letter to me): even though there is a possibility -- according to earlier correspondence I have received from Dr McCavert -- that I may be suffering from prostate cancer.

In my letter to hospital consultant Mr GK Holland dated March 3rd 1998 (copy at ), please note that I made it clear I would contact his office for a new appointment (to have the TRUS and biopsy examination of my prostate gland carried out) in the event that I received "reassuring news" from Dr McCavert regarding the issues I had earlier written to him about. Unfortunately, when I received Dr Cavert's letter dated March 9th 2008 (copy at ), I did not find the contents at all reassuring. Neither has anything happened since then to improve that situation, and consequently I continue to feel extremely unsafe about presenting myself for surgical procedures of any kind.

Although I'm not sure about this, and please correct me if I'm wrong, I suspect that you possibly head the "psychiatric team" Dr McCavert has referred to in his letter to me dated March 9th 2008?

I had hoped to clarify this matter of who headed the "psychiatric team" in question with Gerry Madden on July 16th last. However, Gerry Madden failed to turn up for the meeting he had arranged for 11.30 am (on July 16th), and as I had not received any message from him for the purpose of re-scheduling or cancelling the meeting in question, and as nothing like this had ever happened before regarding the many earlier meetings I have had with Gerry Madden, I went around to Lissan House (Social Workers Centre) at around 12.15 pm (on July 16th) in an effort to try and find out what had gone wrong.

Eventually, after speaking to two other members of staff at Lissan House, I spoke with Joan Blee (the Duty Officer at Lissan House) for about 20 minutes, during which time she informed me that Gerry Madden was off work because his mother was ill. I outlined my general situation to Ms Blee, highlighted my concerns regarding the possibility of having prostate cancer, and left her a printed copy of an e-mail I sent to Gerry Madden two days earlier (i.e. on July 14th): with a strong request that the printed e-mail copy in question be placed with my case file. My understanding was that someone from Lissan House would contact me in the days that followed. Please note however, that nobody connected with Lissan House has contacted me since then -- which is now well over three weeks ago.

A copy of my e-mail to Gerry Madden dated July 14th 2008 can be viewed at , which I believe may contain some clues as to why I have not heard anything from anybody at Lissan House (since July 16th): despite the fact that I left a printed copy of the e-mail in question with Joan Blee on July 16th -- after I had briefly discussed the main parts of the e-mail with her.

I feel that you (and others reading this e-mail) should now also know that, in an effort to try and communicate the overall range and seriousness of the difficulties I have unintentionally ended up getting mixed up in (in one way or another), as a result of innocently deciding to retire in the Republic of Ireland in 1998, I sent a printed copy of the letter at the following address to Dr McCavert on May 9th 2008:

Unfortunately, it appears -- from my viewpoint at least -- that Dr McCavert is completely ignoring the entire contents of the registered letter I sent to Prime Minister Brian Cowan TD at the address just above: which, for reasons that I feel should be obvious to Dr McCavert and the "psychiatric team" he refers to, is adding significantly to the growing C-PTSD problem I've had for the past 8 years or so, and which I've still not received any medical treatment for from a psychologist or psychiatrist. How, I find myself wondering, can Dr McCavert and the psychiatric team he refers to, justify leaving me to cope all on my own with the set of major political and legal difficulties I have outlined in my letter to Prime Minister Cowan dated May 9th 2008? -- and which Prime Minister Cowan is not acknowledging incidentally. (Please note that I have not received any acknowledgement of receipt from Prime Minister Cowan TD, or from Dr McCavert GP, to the registered letters I sent to them on May 9th 2008, and scanned copies of the associated Post Office Receipts can be seen at .)

In conclusion, I would like to briefly reiterate the main questions (relating to you) that I have already raised above:

1) Why did you suddenly decide to have me thrown out of Omagh Hospital (with nowhere to go) on December 14th 2004: at a time when I was suffering very badly from untreated Complex-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

Why did you completely ignore (from my viewpoint that is) the entire contents of the three items of correspondence I provided you and your team with while I was in Omagh Hospital during the period December 7th to 14th 2004?

Assuming that you do actually head the "psychiatric team" which Dr McCavert GP has referred to in his letter to me dated March 9th 2008, why is it that you appear to be still preventing me from getting the professional treatment I need for C-PTSD: well over 3 years after I first came into contact with you? With regard to this point, please note that the Internet is awash with medical reports which very strongly suggest that C-PTSD should be treated as soon as possible after the traumatic events have occurred, and that I have showed one such report to Gerry Madden the last time I saw him on July 7th 2008. By way of providing an example, a sample statement from one of these reports reads as follows: "In Williams and Sommer's (1994) comprehensive book of treatment, it is reported that the most successful therapeutic interventions are those implemented immediately following the traumatic event."   

For future reference purposes, I intend to place a copy of this e-mail at the following address later today:

I will also send a printed and signed copy of this e-mail to you later today (through the recorded delivery post) to the following postal address:

Dr Thomas Foster (Consultant Psychiatrist)
c/o Cedar Ville
Tyrone & Fermanagh Hospital
Donaghanie Road
County Tyrone
Northern Ireland

With due regard for the fact that I may have prostate cancer, a medical situation which needs to be very carefully watched according to every one of the several reports on the subject I have read on the Internet, I hope to receive a written reply from you to the above three questions at your earliest convenience please.

Yours sincerely,

William Finnerty.  (Related web site: )


For future reference purposes, a copy of this e-mail will later today be placed at the following Internet address:



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