Letter to C.K. Mulholland (Hospital Consultant) dated March 3rd 2008



William Finnerty
* *********
County Tyrone
Northern Ireland

HOSP NO: AH 492956   H&C NO: 486 704 5144

March 3rd 2008

Mr C.K. Mulholland (Consultant)
Dedicated Elective Surgical Unit
Altnagelvin Area Hospital
Londonderry BT47 6SB

Dear Mr Mulholland,

Thank you your letter dated February 12th 2008.

I had hoped by now to have received a reply from Dr Michael McCavert GP to a letter I sent him on February 2nd last.

As I have not heard anything yet from Dr McCavert, and in order to give you sufficient time to replace me with a different patient, I would like you to please cancel the appointment I have with you for March 26th 2008.

I wish you to know that in October 2005, as a direct result of being subjected to criminal legal abuse over a protracted period of time (by public servants), in connection with a range of environmental issues, I was diagnosed as having Complex-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD). However, and despite many attempts of different kinds by myself to remedy my core legal and associated health difficulties in a just and non-corrupt way, helped significantly by Dr McCavert and Gerard Madden (a Senior Social Worker based at Lissan House in Omagh), our combined efforts have not really had any success at all to date: with the result that I still suffer very badly at times from a selection of C-PTSD type symptoms.

Before I decide whether or not to go to you for the exploratory surgical procedure you have written to me about, and which may of course need to be followed by much more extensive surgery, I trust you will understand that in connection with “quality of life” considerations (relating to myself), I feel I have to try and re-evaluate where exactly the local "organs of society" (United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights terminology used at http://www.un.org/Overview/rights.html  ) connected with health care, and with social security arrangements (and payments), have positioned themselves at the present time?: regarding the upkeep of basic human rights law - in the overall legal sense that is - and particularly in relation to the ongoing legal abuse (and associated human rights law crime) I’m being subjected to at the hands of the individual senior public servants concerned.

In case you might be wondering, I have (using e-mails) pointed out the crime I’m being subjected to by senior public servants to the police (on both sides of the border) on several occasions during the past three years or so. However, and in so far as it is possible for me to judge, all the police seem to have done so far is to turn a completely “blind eye” to the whole lot of all the growing amounts of personal criminal abuse I have been reporting to them in writing.

The matters mentioned above are among the main reasons I wrote to Dr McCavert on February 2nd, and should you wish to see the text of the letter in question, there is a copy of it in an e-mail I sent on February 25th last to Republic of Ireland Health Minister Mary Harney TD at: http://www.humanrightsireland.com/HealthMinisterMaryHarney/25February2008/Email.htm  

In connection with the most serious of my “health and safety” concerns however, I feel I should make it clear that a sub-set of the public servants I am in conflict with, consisting of some of the most senior lawyers in the Republic of Ireland, and including President Mary McAleese who has been quite wrongly signing her name on the legal papers in question, have (for several years now) been producing and sustaining unconstitutional legislation (i.e. illegal law that involves treasonous types of crime); and, which is often being used to facilitate multi-million Euros PPP (Public Private Partnership) schemes that are financed by some of the world’s largest banks. It is also the case (as you may already know) that there are some very disturbing reports on the Internet of corruption and fraud, on a truly massive scale, in connection with such PPP schemes. (Plenty of evidence relating to this set of points can be found via the following link: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=PPP+Swindlers  )

Should you wish to view a "sample consequence" of the treasonous and destructive types of PPP associated crime I have in mind, relating to the total destruction on July 4th last (in the middle of the night) of what appears to have been an extremely important heritage site located at Baronstown, please go to the following address: http://www.humanrightsireland.com/IndyMediaIreland/4July2007/Article.htm  .

Finally, I feel I should also point out to you that in connection with my ongoing “senior public servant” related legal problems, I have already had what I regard as an extremely bad experience with a consultant psychiatrist in Omagh Hospital (named Dr Foster) in December 2004. Though Dr McCavert GP, to his great credit from my viewpoint, has apologised to me on behalf of the Health Service on a number of occasions since then regarding this matter, I have never had any apology from Dr Foster himself.

Far more significantly though (as I see things), when I complained to them, the Northern Ireland Western Health & Social Services Board have always acted as though they believed that what consultant psychiatrist Dr Foster did to me shortly before Christmas 2004 was entirely in order: which was to have me thrown out onto the street (with nowhere to go and almost no money) at very short notice, and without any meaningful explanation of any kind as to why he was doing so - and all at a time when I was suffering very badly from C-PTSD. (Should you require it, further information relating to the formal complaint I made about this matter can be found at: http://www.constitutionofireland.com/ConvenorWH-SSB-7Feb2005.htm  )

For obvious reasons connected with the suspicion that I may now be suffering from prostate cancer, I hope I will very soon be in receipt of reassuring news regarding the above mentioned legal and C-PTSD health issues from Dr McCavert GP, in response to my letter to him of February 2nd. Should this turn out to be the case, I will then contact your office again for the purpose of making a new appointment to see you.

For future reference purposes, and to make it as easy as I can for myself to keep other people who are involved with my case (in a variety of different ways) informed, it is my intention to place a copy of the text of this letter at the following address later today:

Yours sincerely,

William Finnerty.


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