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Senators: "IRISH WATER" Related E-mail to the "Second Half" of our TDs (Elected Parliamentarians) ...

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Cc: Republic of Ireland Chief Justice Susan Denham <>, Dr Kathleen Cavanaugh at The Irish Centre for Human Rights in Galway City <>, Republic Of Ireland Minister for Justice and Equality Frances Fitzgerald TD Case Reference 0724094243 <>, "Loughrea-based Garda (Police) Superintendent Enda P. Walshe" <>, "Republic of Ireland Garda Síochána Police Ombudsman Commission Case Officer Michelle Kavanagh GSOC Case Reference: 540009-02-14" <>, "Garda Siochana Police Ombudsman Commission Case Manager Louise Prendergast (GSOC Case Reference: 290275-07-14)" <>, Interim Republic of Ireland Chief Police Commissioner Nóirín O'Sullivan <>, "Republic of Ireland Attorney General Máire R. Whelan SC" <>, Republic of Ireland Director of Public Prosecutions Claire Loftus <>, Republic of Ireland Chief State Solicitor Eileen Creedon <>, "Lawyer Sheenagh MacCarthy - Partner at Loughrea Law-Firm F.G. MacCarthy" <>, Public Service Oversight and Petitions Committee Houses of the Oireachtas Senior Clerk Orla Scott <>, The Irish Centre for Human Rights <>, Former Deputy Prime Minister Eamon Gilmore <>, Chairperson of Referendum Commission Elizabeth Dunne <>, "US President Barack Obama (Constitutional/Civil Rights Lawyer) and First Lady Michelle Obama" <>, United States of America NSA Acquisition Resource Center <>, Yahoo Bullyonline Forum Administrator Adrian Melia <>, "UK Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ)" <>, Global Irish Economic Forum <>, European Movement Ireland <>, Republic of Ireland President and Principal Guardian of Bunreacht na hEireann Dr Michael D Higgins <>, Republic of Ireland Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Social Protection Joan Burton TD Claim No 69-1962034S <>, The Pensions Board <>, Regional National Advocacy Service Manager Josephine Keaveney <>, Citizens Information Board <>, Cardinal Brady <>, Pope Francis 2nd <>, Gerald Finnerty & Marjorie Dolan <>, P Brennan Executive Officer at Social Welfare Appeals Office Appeal 11/26733 <>, Sean Halligan at Department of Social Protection Athlone <>, UK Prime Minister David Cameron MP <>, "Jeannette Swenarton Northern Ireland Social Security Agency (Reference Disability Case Reference 52-82267 for YH615974D)" <>, Siobhan Tara Finnerty and Family <>, "Linda O'Shea Farren (Lawyer & Disability Rights Advocate)" <>, Republic of Ireland Ombudsman Peter Tyndall <>, Lawyer Researcher and Broadcaster Dr Miriam O'Callaghan <>, "Dr John Kilraine GP (Loughrea, East County Galway)" <>, Republic of Ireland Minister for Health Leo Varadkar TD <>, Health Service Executive Consultant Psychiatrist and Acting Clinical Director of East Galway Mental Health Services Dr Margaret O'Grady <>, "Former Republic of Ireland Health Minister Dr. James Reilly TD" <Minister'>, Former Republic of Ireland Justice Minister Alan Shatter TD <>, Indymedia Ireland Site Editors <>, Journalist Adrian Salbuchi <>, RT TV <>, Finnerty Family Lawyer Barrister John Glynn at Patrick Hogan & Co Ballinasloe County Galway <>, Colin Boland at Cabot Financial Limited Ireland <>, Chairman of the Republic of Ireland's Committee on Public Service Oversight Pádraig Mac Lochlainn TD <>, William Finnerty Yahoo Account <>, William Finnerty Gmail Account <>, "The Spirit of Celtic Queen Boadicea (East Anglia)" <>, "The Spirit of Celtic Chieftain Vercingetorix (Alesia and Turoe)" <>, "The Spirit of King Ollamh Fodhla (Tara/Turoe and Ulster)" <>

Republic of Ireland Senators, and all other Recipients of this e-mail,

RE: "IRISH WATER" Related E-mail to the "Second Half" of our TDs (Elected Parliamentarians) ...

A related e-mail -- titled 'UPDATE 1: Parliament Speech on "Motion on Irish Water" ...' was sent yesterday afternoon (October 29th 2014) to the "Second Half" (in alphabetical order) of the "elected representatives" of "the people" (known in the Republic of Ireland as "TDs"): to the Central Government of the Republic of Ireland.

A full copy of the e-mail in question, which suggests that the very serious set of difficulties relating to "Irish Water" are symptomatic of a far deeper and even more serious "core issue problem", can be viewed at the following www location:

As can be seen at the www address immediately above, an attempt has been made to try to encourage the heads of the THREE MAIN BRANCHES of the present Republic of Ireland Government -- Executive (Prime Minister Enda Kenny TD), Legislative (President Michael D Higgins), and Judicial (Chief Justice Susan Denham) -- of the now very pressing need for them to start "toeing the line", without delay, regarding the unusually clear and extremely easy to understand "legal" contents of Article 6.1 of our written Constitution: which (as I see things), #1, places a legal collective-duty on ALL of our "public servants", in and around our "Local Governments" and our "Central Government", to first consult with "the people" regarding the "common good" national policy projects they are considering embarking upon on behalf of "the people" they are meant to be serving; and #2, that before going ahead with any such major projects (of the "Irish Water" kind, for example), that they leave the all-important "FINAL" decision to "the people": using national referendums as and when they generally appear (to the general public) to be necessary and sensible.

Put another way, the contents of the paragraph just above might also be taken to mean:

"We, 'the people' of the Republic of Ireland have already had more than enough of all the socially destructive Political-And-Legal "Rí Rá agus Ruaile Buaile" of the Banksters and their Accomplices; and, from now on, we want our legal and political rights as set out under the SUPREME LAW of our sovereign nation: which you -- in your taxpayer paid-work as our "public servants" -- have a legal duty to provide us with."

Article 6.1 of Bunreacht na hEireann (the Constitution of the Republic of Ireland):

"All powers of government, legislative, executive and judicial, derive, under God, from the people, whose right it is to designate the rulers of the State and, in final appeal, to decide all questions of national policy, according to the requirements of the common good."

Article 6.1 in the Celtic language:

Is ón bpobal, faoi Dhia, a thagas gach cumhacht riala, idir reachtaíocht is comhallacht is breithiúnas, agus is ag an bpobal atá sé de cheart rialtóirí an Stáit a cheapadh, agus is faoin bpobal faoi dheoidh atá gach ceist i dtaobh beartas an Náisiúin a shocrú de réir mar is gá chun leasa an phobail."

===   ===   ===

For recipients not familiar with the Celtic language, "Rí Rá agus Ruaile Buaile" (in the type of context used above) can be taken to mean something along the lines of "noisy and deliberately contrived mischievous conduct of an energetic, fraudulently chaotic, and highly deceitful kind, which is intended to thoroughly distract, confuse, and completely mislead the targets: for the purpose of stealing from them, in all of the most sly, serious and psychopathically cold-hearted and uncaring ways possible".

The above text is very largely based on a "comment" made this morning (October 30th 2014) at the following www location:

For a FACEBOOK version of the above text, also published today, please see at:

Later today a copy of this e-mail will be placed at the following www location:

Yours sincerely,

William Finnerty.

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