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"Labelled With Love" (1981)

Wednesday, 19 September, 2012 17:10
"Siobhan Finnerty" <>
"William Finnerty" <>
"Vercingetorix (Turoe)" <>, "King Ollamh Fodhla (Tara / Turoe / Ulster)" <>
Dear Siobhan,

I'm really delighted to learn that you and Larissa got back home safe and well.

And, I'm even more delighted to learn you are still happy about I meeting Connor and Grace. I can now begin making the necessary arrangements for the trip.

With further reference to Dean, I think the main thing for me is that he is given the opportunity to meet me before I meet Connor and Grace. If, for any reason he does not wish to meet me, then at least that decision would be his. Another alternative is that maybe I could meet Connor and Grace first, and then the three of us (Connor, Grace, and myself) could go and have a meal, or some such thing, with Dean sometime in the days or weeks afterwards?

I'm glad you both enjoyed Galway City (where I was born). In recent decades it has developed a pretty big reputation -- with some justification I feel -- for being an "interesting and fun place" to visit.

Changing the subject slightly:

RE:  <<< "Labelled With Love" (1981) >>>

Like many other ** members I've come across over the years (since the first Sunday of January 1975), and perhaps not surprisingly, I also have a deep fascination with certain songs containing strong "booze themes".

I'm not sure if you are familiar with the song at the above youtube address. If not, I hope you might like it.

Part of my interest in this particular song also relates to the fact that we have a distant "Finnerty" cousin who is a retired US Air Force pilot, and that he called to see me in Ireland about 8 or 9 years ago. (As far as I know, he does not have, and never has had, a "drink problem".)

Although he did not mention it directly, and I liked him a lot, I certainly got the impression that he would have "seen action": and actually been involved in plenty of air raid "excitement" possibly (in one way or another) during his years of "active service". I think he was about 5 years older than me, so it is possible that he might (?) have been directly involved in the Vietnam War for example.

Richard M. Finnerty (Lt. Col. United States Air Force Retired):

Love Dad, xxx.

By the way, the three kisses are meant to be distributed as follows: one for your forehead, and one for each cheek. I don't really know why, but for some reason the idea appeals to me. Maybe it's just because I really love being close to you, and that the "three kisses" idea helps to bridge the large physical gap that is between us at present.


--- On Wed, 19/9/12, Siobhan Finnerty <> wrote:

From: Siobhan Finnerty <>
Subject: RE: "New E-mail Address" test >>> Re: Meeting Connor and Grace ...
To: "'William Finnerty'" <>
Date: Wednesday, 19 September, 2012, 13:47

Hi Dad,

Finally we arrived home at approx. 10.30pm Saturday night……very long journey indeed.  However we certainly crammed A LOT in!!!!!

Still feeling a bit up side down…….here in down under.   Jet lag is such a horrible experience, especially when you have get home and hit the ground running.

We had the most wonderful time in Galway, the weather was very kind to us through out our whole journey.  And of course one of the highlights being able to meet with you again after such a long time.  Although it was very brief, I’m glad that we both made the effort.

In reference to coming to Melbourne in January through to February, I think that would be a really good time.  Just be prepared for some pretty HOT weather. (Although being Melbourne, you never know what sort of Summer we will experience)

Connor and Grace will be back at school and things will be back to normal as far as routine goes…….so what spare time I have during the day (and can usually manipulate to suit, being that I work for myself) will be an opportunity to spend some more time together.

Dean is currently not very happy with me, and ... I'm not really sure why?   Under normal circumstances ... he would be very interested in making the time to meet his children’s grandfather.

It’s getting late here now, and finally I’m starting to fade (thank god) so I will say Good Night and keep you posted on how things go over the week end?!?!?!

Love Siobhan xo

P.S. thank you for the copy of the picture you sent of Larissa and I (I think).  Major incentive for me to continue pursing my fitness regime and EAT LESS!!!!!

William Finnerty []
Sent: Tuesday, 18 September 2012 8:47 PM
To: Siobhan Tara Finnerty and Family; Gerald Finnerty & Marjorie Dolan; William Finnerty; Granddad Finnerty
Cc: The Spirit of Celtic Queen Boadicea (East Anglia); The Spirit of Celtic Chieftain Vercingetorix (Alesia and Turoe); The Spirit of King Ollamh Fodhla (Tara and Ulster);
Subject: "New E-mail Address" test >>> Re: Meeting Connor and Grace ...


Dear Siobhan,

In case you (or Larissa) might for any reason be worried about the photograph at the www address just below, please note that I have added a piece of computer software code (hidden to "regular" public viewers of the particular "www page" just below) which electronically instructs all Internet search-engine computers NOT to list the page in any of the directories they provide the general public with:*****************/12September2012/EmailAndPhoto.htm

I hope this finds you rested and well after your long journey, and that your cold has gone.

My cold still lingers, and I still spend large parts of the night coughing and spluttering in fitful bouts, with hourly (or so) snatches of sleep in between. The strange thing is, I experience little or no trouble with it during the day. It's lying down to sleep which seems to reactivate the problem every night.


Dad. xxx.

PS:  I would strongly suggest that, for a while at least, you "Cc" all e-mails you send to me at the "Granddad Finnerty" 
conno****** address (which I sent in my e-mail to you of yesterday, please see below), to the address -- which I normally use -- as well: in case of  "start-up" problems  with the new "Granddad" address.


--- On Mon, 17/9/12, Granddad Finnerty <
conno******> wrote:

From: Granddad Finnerty <
Subject: Meeting Connor and Grace ...
To: "Siobhan Tara Finnerty and Family" <>
Date: Monday, 17 September, 2012, 19:22

Dear Siobhan,

I hope all went well for you and Larissa on your long journey back to Australia, and that you both arrived home safely.

I was really delighted to see you again (after our more than 21 years or so of being so far apart), and I believe the joyful and warm feelings and memories connected with last Tuesday's reunion of ours in the Kildare Hotel (near Trinity College Dublin), will doubtless remain with me for the remainder of my life.

I'm really sorry about the way I blundered so badly with the car luggage arrangements. It was not so much that my car was too small (as I may have inaccurately and half-heartedly indicated), and much more that I failed to remove some bulky plastic boxes (containing things of my own) from my car before leaving Athlone for Dublin last Tuesday morning.

Thanks largely to the cold I had, and all the lengthy bouts of coughing while lying in bed tying to sleep during previous nights, I was still running late last Tuesday morning; and, I began taking shortcuts to try and meet the 12 noon meeting time in the
Kildare Hotel which we had arranged by phone the day before. I felt I could save about 20 minutes if I left my plastic boxes in my car: instead of hauling them up to my room in the Prince of Wales Hotel. (Incidentally, in passing, and as I may have mentioned to you, my half-sister Margie still remembers parts of my parents -- your grandparents -- wedding reception at the Prince of Wales Hotel in Athlone on April 5th 1937, and she would have been close to 5 years old on the day). And, at the same time, I also gambled on the hope that the combined amount of luggage you and Larissa had would have fitted in among my plastic boxes. Not so. Such is life!!

Since we parted last Wednesday, I been thinking a lot about my next big ambition: which is to meet Connor and Grace.

I hope you still feel okay about introducing me to them?

If so, please let me know, and I'll start making definite arrangements to visit Melbourne.

Last Thursday, I informed a woman in a local travel agents that I was vaguely thinking about visiting Melbourne in the early part of 2013 for about a month; and, after working on her PC for a few minutes, she informed me that the best return airline prices would be for January 28th (2013) to February 28th (2013).

If, for any reason you feel these dates would be bad for the purpose of you introducing me to Connor and Grace, please let me know. At this very early stage of planning, it would of course be very easy for me to change these provisional dates, if necessary.

Shortly after we parted last Wednesday, the thought crossed my mind -- pretty strongly for some reason -- that it would perhaps be a good thing for me to try and meet Dean before you take me to meet Connor and Grace? Would you be happy to introduce me to him? If not, maybe I could phone him myself (after I get to Melbourne), and try to arrange to go out for a meal with him, or something of that sort? I would really love it if the three of us could have a modest meal together; but, I realise of course that might make you and/or Dean feel awkward and uncomfortable, on account of your separation.

Incidentally, I had a quick try at looking for the origins of the Horsey family-name, and it seems possible, and maybe even very likely, that one or more of Dean's ancestors would have come from in or around the small town of Horsey in the Norfolk area of England (for more information on the Horsey area please see at In July of 1994, I spent some time not very far from there, thanks to the fact I had a friend at the time whose father owned a holiday home in the region. It's a very nice and in some ways very interesting area, or so it seemed to me at least. (Among a number of other things, it's "Celtic Queen Boadicea Country", please see at:

Assuming you are still happy about introducing me to Connor and Grace, and provided you have a little spare time, I'd also be interested in getting hold of the contact information of any local letting-agency in the business of renting self-catering units (of the most basic kind, for one person) for a month, within a half-hour's walk (or so) from where you live. I'd really love to be able to spend some more time with you during my stay in Melbourne, so that we could both get to know each other a little better: while realising and accepting of course that you might not have all that much spare time, after doing your paid work, looking after the children, attending to your own house work, and so on. With further reference to the self-catering accommodation matter, all I would need is the basic contact information for the letting-agency, and I could do the rest myself (regarding the actual bookings, payments, and all that kind of thing).

Finally (for now), I have started a new Yahoo e-mail address for the purpose of planning for my introduction to Connor and Grace (assuming you are still happy to help): which I am using in this e-mail. I would appreciate it very much if you could use it -- as well -- in all future communications connected with my hopes and plans for meeting Connor and Grace (through you) sometime in early 2013. The text I decided on for this new e-mail "name and address" was chosen in the hope that both of use will find it easy to remember:  Granddad Finnerty at e-mail address: conno******

Much Love,

Dad xxx.



                                           End of e-mail text


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