Scanned Copy of Registered Letter to Dr James Reilly TD dated May 28th 2013


(Republic of Ireland Minister for Health)


A full copy of the original Yahoo E-mail below -- with "live links" -- can be viewed at the following www location:







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Set of Three Registered Letters sent to Three Senior Republic of Ireland Medical Doctors on May 28th 2013

  (1) Dr Anne Jeffers (Republic of Ireland Consultant Psychiatrist):  
  (2) Dr Anthony McCarthy (President of The College of Psychiatry of Ireland):  
  (3) Dr James Reilly TD (Republic of Ireland Minister for Health):  

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Old Irish Saying:


"Is é Dia an fhírinne agus saorfaidh an fhírinne muid."


(God is truth and the truth will free us.)


The Spirit of King Ollamh Fodhla


"It is error alone which needs the support of government.
Truth can stand by itself."




"I consider Trial by Jury as the only anchor yet imagined by man, by which
 a government can be held to the principles of its constitution".


Principal Author of the American Declaration of Independence & Former USA President Thomas Jefferson


(1743 - 1826)


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