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Spring Equinox Day (March 21st 2010)

Tuesday, 23 March, 2010 12:08
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Subject: Spring Equinox Day (March 21st 2010)
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"Tara is one of the most important and famous archaeological complexes in the world ... all of our researches point to the valley between Tara and Skryne as an area of paramount importance throughout the history of Tara."  (Dr Conor Newman)


Spring Equinox Day (March 21st 2010)
by Amazed Sun Mar 21, 2010 11:47

"The Tara Symposium in UCD (University College Dublin) last weekend included some fascinating papers by academics from Ireland and abroad." (This quote has been taken from the main Article above.)

I'm often amazed by the way that "Tara Symposiums" often (always perhaps these days?) seem to completely ignore some very important parts of the history of the overall "Tara Heritage Complex", accounts of which are referred to in well respected historical documents.

For example, today is the "Spring Equinox Day" (on the "top" half of the world), and there are some very clear, important, and powerful links between it and Cairn T (located at Loughcrew which is about 25 miles north-west of the Hill of Tara, and which houses a very ancient, Bronze Age "Equinox Detector" that still works remarkably well provided the sky is free of cloud at the critical time of around 6.45 am), King Ollamh Fodhla, and Brehon Law: the very advanced and highly successful legal system which the people of Ireland appear to have (very happily) lived under for some 2,500 years or so (up to around the mid 1600s), and which was completely different in most respects to our present legal system.

For anybody interested, more on these closely related subjects can be found by "Googling" strings of words such as the following:

Equinox, Cairn T, Tara, King Ollamh Fodhla, Brehon Law


For those who can receive "Rich Text" e-mails, a sample selection of different Internet Search Engine "listing results" for the string of words immediately above can be found by clicking on the following links:

1) Google   2) Yahoo   3) Alta Vista   4) Bing   5) Web Crawler

(PLEASE NOTE: Changing the sequence of the words submitted to Internet search engines can often dramatically alter the contents of the lists produced.)


The text in the main section above has been copied from the following Indymedia (Ireland) location:


"Why did Dr Gerard Hogan fail to challenge unconstitutional legislation (in connection with the 600,000 Euros M3 PPP Toll Road 'Tara Court Case')?"


For future reference purposes a copy of the above text was yesterday (i.e. March 21st 2010) placed at the following Internet location:


Human Rights (Ireland):




                                           End of e-mail text



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