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What's happening in Belcoo?

category fermanagh | environment | opinion/analysis author Saturday August 09, 2014 18:14author by None Report this post to the editors

Belcoo was awoken at 5 in the morning on the July 21st to the invasion of Tamboran.
It wasn't until later that morning that the frackers had the 'courtesy' to send local residence notice of their occupation of a nearby quarry. Immediately a demonstration outside the quarry gates was organized for that evening.

Beutifully backdrop
Beutifully backdrop

Since then we've seen mass mobilization of the local communities; holding public meetings most nights. A constant presence has been maintained at the gates to let Tamboran know we're here, and we're not going away. A marquee has been erected opposite the gate with a rocket stove providing endless cups of tea and hot food for all those who have come from near and far to show they're opposition to this ludicrous project.

The backdrop of beautiful green rolling field sloping down towards the banks of lough MacNean remind all who arrive what's at stake here.
With the source of the Shannon not far off anyone can see that this is far bigger than the community here. If this goes ahead it will set the precedent for the mass takeover and forced industrialization of huge areas of countryside spanning north and south; fracturing all rural communities in their path…and that's before we even talk about our air and water being poisoned! This is the start of an occupation that will affect everyone in the island of Ireland. Pollution knows no boarders. Once they get their foot in the door it's way more difficult to stop them. The time to act and stand in solidarity with this community is now!

So what should you expect if you're coming here?

-There’s a central marquee, a caravan stove and portaloos opposite the gates

-just down the road there's a house (that the community have kindly given us the use of) with a kitchen and toilet, there's a shower (but it's cold) at the back there is space to put up tents.

-There is a no drink no drugs policy at both these sites so please don't bring anything with you.

-There are a lot of PSNI and community liaison police present at the gate most of the time. Unfortunately most people have been a bit too friendly with them and they often hang out in the marquee. If you're worried about this maybe consider using a fake name while you're here. Luckily they don't come down to the house.

-There's some food here and you'll hardly starve of you don't bring anything with you, but if you can bring food that'd be great.

-The PSNI have been stopping cars and checking licenses on the main Enniskillen road. So if you're worried about this you should probably arrive at night.

-Tamboran have got an injunction to stop anyone trespassing on land around the site or blocking traffic. Although this is probably on legally dubious grounds it means that any arrests could be used as an excuse in court to keep the injunction in place. (Besides there's nothing going in or out of the site at the moment aside from one security change a day.)

What's been happening so far?

Monday 21st - Equipment arrives escorted by PSNI, later at 7pm a huge crowd gathers at the gates of their compound to protest. A few people try and gain entry to the site.
Tuesday 22nd- At meeting at Belcoo of over 400 the Belcoo committee is formed. Later on one arrest is made at the site
Thursday 24th- A marquee is erected opposite the gates. Later another arrest is made
Friday 25th- Tamboran get an injunction to prevent anyone trespassing on the land around the site or blocking traffic going to the site. The house is opened for people to camp at.
Tuesday 29th – A meeting in Letterbreen sees over 400 people attend
Wednesday 30th - The injunction is extended. Fermanagh and Omagh district council adopt an anti-fracking stance.
Thursday 31st- Emergency meeting in Carrick-on Shannon condemns fracking in Fermanagh
Friday 1st - Another big meeting in Belcoo. Emergency meeting of Cavan county council sees them reaffirm they're moratorium on fracking.
Saturday 2nd- Tamboran's illegal razor wire at ground height is removed.
Sunday 3rd- A huge Tractor demo driving from Belcoo to Enniskillen sees over 170 tractors. That night the security HQ driveway is petrol bombed. Word on the street is that Tamboran did this themselves to try and give the campaign bad publicity. Belcoo committee have condemned the violence

How can I help?

Come to the site to show solidarity.
Keep an eye out for a drilling rig on rout!
Help us get the word out there what's happening and how it will affect all of us.
Organize a demo in a show of solidarity with Belcoo in your local community.
Write to the your local representatives condemning fracking in Fermanagh.
Organize a fundraiser gig to help with future legal costs.

Wish list:

Banner/sign making material and paint
A camera
A laptop
Waterproofs and wells
Lamps and head-torches
Non-perishable food
An inverter and a car battery
A projector
Hot water bottles
Sheets of plywood

Day 1 at the gates
Day 1 at the gates

Tractor rally
Tractor rally

crowds ather
crowds ather

banner outside the house/campsite
banner outside the house/campsite

author by nonepublication date Sat Aug 09, 2014 18:19Report this post to the editors

here's some more photos..

the camp house
the camp house

the marquee
the marquee

kids against fracking
kids against fracking

resident statement
resident statement


author by Anti-Fracking Supporterpublication date Sun Aug 10, 2014 10:00Report this post to the editors

The following five excerpts come from the United Nations texts on "The Aarhus Convention Agreement":

1) "It links environmental rights and human rights";

2) "It establishes that sustainable development can be achieved only through the involvement of all stakeholders";

3) "It links government accountability and environmental protection";

4) "It acknowledges that we owe an obligation to future generations";

5) "The subject of the Aarhus Convention goes to the heart of the relationship between people and governments ."

Related Internet Search Engine List:
"UN Aarhus Convention, and Fracking ..."

"It will work if you work it, and it wont if you don't?"

author by Anonpublication date Sun Aug 10, 2014 22:23Report this post to the editors

I know it's said that those who do't learn from history are doomed to repeat it but for Christ's sake ... how 'historical' is 2006 to date.

Those pics are delightful - for Tamboran!

Hindsight IS 20/20 so will ye for God's sake learn from the resistance to Shell in north Mayo.

Very simple -

There are two approaches - (i) happy clappy
(ii) down and dirty

Less of (i) and more of (ii) is what's needed at initial stage because believe you me, give those *** a toehold and you're making life very, very difficult for yourself - plus providing an excuse for more 'Golden Mile' overtime for cops who've also been there, done that, with impunity.

Only ONE rule - don't get caught!!

Give it jip - it's you or them - just make sure it's you NOW!

author by East Galway Residentpublication date Tue Aug 12, 2014 16:36Report this post to the editors

The full text of a "Facebook Message" sent this afternoon to Brendan Kelly, who lives in the Kilconnell area of East County Galway, can be viewed in the section just below.

=== === ===

For Brendan Kelly ...

Re: Situation referred to at: http://www.indymedia.ie/article/104954#comment299416

"I would prefer not to be forced to physically stop you but if I must I will."

Well said Brendan. Firm, but gentle at the same time!! And, also realistic: if, in my opinion, the UN Aarhus Convention Agreement is properly applied to this particular "situation".

It has long appeared to me that that is the only kind of talk that might bring about real change in the Republic of Ireland.

I would be happy to help out in any "small ways" that I can (from a distance), should you ever feel the need for any such help from me: provided of course everything is all kept "lawful and peaceful" (as I anticipate is what will happen).

As I trust you will fully understand and appreciate, I feel I have to be extra cautious regarding my "explosive anger" problem, and its huge potential to get me into extremely serious trouble with the law: despite the fact that that is the very last thing I would ever wish for.

Best wishes,

Billy.  (Personal Web Site: http://www.humanrightsireland.com )

PS: You might be interested to know that I've recently placed a photo of one of my favourite "Fly Away Birds" at the following www location:

Also, there is a related e-mail I sent regarding the above (on August 12th 2014, at 12:50 hours GMT) at:

=== === ===

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Made seconds after the "Tue Aug 12, 2014 16:36" comment just above,
and later published at www address:




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