Note handed to Declan Harney (Psychiatric Nurse) on March 5th 2009


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NOTE: The translated text of note appears only in the area with the yellow background below.


NOTE: The translated text of note appears only in the area with the yellow background below.

Margie,                                                                                                      New Inn, Ballinasloe.            March 3rd 2009
 As Dr Anne Jeffers (Consultant Psychiatrist) is unwilling to read my e-mails and letters, I genuinely believe that she cannot possibly help me with the Complex-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Dr Michael McCavert (GP) described in his To Whom It May Concern” letter dated October 28th 2005.
 In fact, the belief Dr Jeffers appears to have that she can help me with the untreated set of C-PTSD problems I have been unwillingly and unhappily struggling with on my own (i.e. without any help from the medical profession) for the past several years, while at the same time refusing (for no stated reason) to read the e-mails and letters I have sent to her, appears to me to be totally absurd and completely ridiculous.
 I genuinely believe that for me to place myself in the presence of Dr Jeffers at this late stage -- under circumstance whereby she is refusing to read my e-mails and letters, and without stating why -- could  very easily result in an outburst of “explosive anger” (a very common symptom of untreated C-PTSD please note) which would involve physical violence; and, were that to happen, I believe it is to be expected that I would end up receiving a lengthy prison sentence, or, being committed to a mental hospital perhaps (in an involuntary manner).
 Allowing for the large set of very disturbing and damaging consequences (for me) of I shouting at Enda Hoey (Galway County Council Enforcement Officer) in 2002, after he totally refused to look at the raw sewage being discharged from New Inn Primary School into the river just upstream from the pump-house for the local community water supply, I have no intention whatsoever of exposing myself to such risk again.
 My e-mails and letters to Dr Jeffers were wholly intended to reduce the risk of the "explosive anger" in me, which is directly related to the untreated C-PTSD I am suffering with, from turning to physical violence when I met her.
 I am also of course very conscience of the fact that just as Enda Hoey is on the pay-role of the grossly corrupt Government (Executive, Legislative, and Judicial) which we have at present, so is Dr Jeffers. Evidence of the Government corruption in question is described in the letters and e-mails I have sent to Dr Jeffers: which she is refusing to read.
 Allowing for the above, I would be grateful if you could please inform Declan Harney (Psychiatric Nurse) that I do not wish to avail of the appointment Dr Jeffers has offered me for March 18th (2009), at 1:30 p.m. in the Loughrea Day Hospital.
 Now that I have set out my position in writing for you, regarding Dr Jeffer’s offers of appointments for me, I hope you will not need to ask me again to explain to you why I feel unable to take up her offers. The way you keep on doing this really infuriates me -- having due regard for the fact that I have long ago lost track of the number of times I have explained my reasons to both you and Gerald (as set out above).
 Allowing for the above, I believe you and Gerald should now be asking Dr Jeffers why she is refusing to read the letters and e-mails I have sent to her in recent months: and demanding responsible and meaningful answers from her.
 In the interests of trying to avoid the possibility of misunderstandings arising regarding this whole business, I am attaching a copy of this note for Declan Harney who I understand you will be seeing tomorrow. Unless you inform me otherwise, I will assume that he has accepted it, and that he has taken it away with him for his own records.

                                                                 Copies to:  Declan Harney
                                                                                        Gerald (Finnerty)


NOTE: The translated text of note appears only in the area with the yellow background above.




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