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Omagh Housing Executive may dispose of it (my property) ...

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Subject: Omagh Housing Executive may dispose of it (my property) ...
To: "Catherine Friel (Senior Housing Officer, Omagh District, County Tyrone)" <>, "US President Barack Obama (Constitutional/Civil Rights Lawyer" <>, "US Vice President Joe Biden" <>, "United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton" <>, "Deputy Prime Minister Mary Coughlan TD" <>, "Health Minister Mary Harney TD" <>, "Chief Justice John L. Murray" <>, "Dermot Ahern TD, Minister for Justice Equality and Law Reform" <>, "Mary Hanafin (Minister for Social & Family Affairs)" <>, "Brid Treacy (Acting Manageress, Social Welfare Local Office, Bride Street, Loughrea, County Galway) "<>, "Paul Gallagher SC, Attorney General (Republic of Ireland)" <>, "James Hamilton, Director of Public Prosecutions (Republic of Ireland)" <>, "The Chief State Solicitor (Republic of Ireland)" <>, "Guardian of Republic of Ireland Constitution (President Mary McAleese)" <>, "Peter Sutherland (Former Attorney General, Chairman of Goldman Sachs International Bank, Steering Committee Member of the Bilderberg Group, and European Chairman of the Trilateral Commission)" <>, "David Cameron MP (Leader of UK Opposition Party)" <>, "Prime Minister Gordon Brown MP" <>, "G20" <>, "The Whitehouse, Washington DC" <>, "Dr Elaine Byrne, Lead Researcher for the Transparency International National Integrity System Country Study on Ireland)" <>, "Peter Robinson MP, MLA (First Minister of Northern Ireland)" <>
Cc: "Dr Anne Jeffers (Consultant Psychiatrist)" <>,"Prime Minister Brian Cowen TD" <>, "John Gormley TD (Republic of Ireland Green Party Leader & Minister for Environment, Heritage and Local Government)" <>, "Minister for Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs, Eamon O'Cuiv TD" <>,"Eamon Ryan TD, Republic of Ireland Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources" <>, "Republic of Ireland Chief Police Commissioner Fachtna Murphy" <>, "Garda Superintendent Enda P. Walshe, c/o National Crime Prevention Office, Garda Siochana (Republic of Ireland Police)" <>, "Gerard J Madden (Senior Social Worker, Omagh, County Tyrone Northern Ireland)" <>, "Dr Thomas Foster (Consultant Psychiatrist, Tyrone & Fermanagh Hospital, Omagh, Northern Ireland)" <>, "Mary Carr (Community Welfare Officer, Health Care Centre, Ballinasloe, County Galway)" <>, "Dr Michael McCavert GP (Omagh Health Centre, County Tyrone" <>, "Dr John O'Reilly GP (Lakeshore Medical Centre, Loughrea, County Galway)" <>, "Chief Inspector Michael Winters (Omagh Police Station)" <>, "Northern Ireland Chief Constable Sir Hugh Orde OBE" <>, "Al Hutchinson, Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland" <>, "The Garda Siochana (Republic of Ireland Police) Ombudsman Commission (The Hon Mr Justice Kevin Haugh, Ms Carmel Foley, and Mr Conor Brady)" <>, "Cardinal Sean Brady, Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland" <>, "Pope Benedict XVI" <>, "Dr Hans-Gert Pottering (President of the European Parliament)" <>, "Czech Republic Presidency of European Union Council" <>, "French President Nicolas Sarkozy" <>, "Jose Manuel Barroso (President of European Union Commission)" <>, "Margot Wallstrom (Vice-President of the European Commission)" <>, "The Registrar, European Court of Human Rights, Council of Europe, Strasbourg. (Re: ECHR Case Reference: 25077/05)" <>, "Nikiforos Diamandouros (The European Ombudsman) Case ref: 1867/2006/IP)" <>, "Northern Ireland Social Security Agency (Reference Disability Case Reference 52-82267 for YH615974D)" <>, "Kathy Sinnott MEP, European Parliament Committee on Petitions" <>, "Siobhan Duffy (Lawyer, European Commission Representative in Ireland)" <>, "Liam Cashman (Environmental Directorate, The European Commission)" <>, "Jack Straw MP" <>, "The Law Society of England and Wales" <>, "Law Society of Ireland" <>, "Fine Gael Party Leader, Enda Kenny" <>, "Labour Party Leader, Eamon Gilmore" <>, "Sinn Fein Party Leader, Gerry Adams MP" <>, "Libertas (No to Lisbon Campaign)" <>, "Fr. Harry Bohan (Founder of The Ceifin Centre)" <>, "Marie Murray (Senior Psychologist & Irish Times Columnist)" <>, "Dr Maurice Manning (President of Human Rights Commission, Republic of Ireland)" <>, "Elaine Corcoran (Administrative Officer, Mental Health Ireland)" <>, "The Irish Centre for Human Rights, National University of Ireland, Galway" <>, "Senator Ivana Bacik, Barrister and Reid Professor of Criminal Law, Criminology and Penology at Trinity College Dublin (TCD) Law School" <>, "John Reilly (Barrister, Tooks Chambers, London)" <>, "Adrian O' Kane (Lawyer at Patrick Fahy & Co, Omagh.)" <>, "Dr Jimmy Devins TD (Former Minister of State at the Department of Health)" <>, "Siobhan Tara Finnerty" <>, "Gerald Finnerty & Marjorie Dolan (New Inn, County Galway)" <>, "Greg Nolan (Lawyer at Patrick Hogan & Co., Ballinalsloe, County Galway, Republic of Ireland)" <>, "The Irish Council for Civil Liberties (ICCL)" <>, "Dr Walter F. Murphy (Professor of Jurisprudence Emeritus at Princeton University)" <>, "Dr Garrett Fitzgerald (Chancellor of the National University of Ireland)" <>, "Dr Joseph E. Stiglitz (Economist)" <>, "Rossport Solidarity Camp" <>, "Nelson Mandela" <>, "Former President Mary Robinson (Ethical Globalization Initiative)" <>, "UNESCO World Heritage Centre (WHC)" <>, "World Monuments Fund" <>, "Europa Nostra, Pan-European Federation for Cultural Heritage (Mrs Sneska Quaedvlieg Mihailoviae)" <>, "Martin Cody (Managing Director, The Media Bureau, Merrion Road, Dublin 4)" <>, "Geraldine Kennedy, Irish Times Editor" <>, "Charlie Bird (RTE Chief News Correspondent)" <>, "RTE (Republic of Ireland's National TV Station)" <>, "Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe (Thomas Hammarberg)" <>, "Venice Commission (Council of Europe)" <>, "Youth for Human Rights" <>, "Louise Arbour (UN High Commissioner for Human Rights)" <>, "Ban Ki-moon (Secretary-General of the United Nations)" <>, "The Spirit of Vercingetorix (Alesia, Castlestrange, Le Tene, and Turoe)" <>, "The Spirit of King Ollamh Fodhla, Great Banqueting Hall (Hill of Tara) & Ulster" <>
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Dear Ms Friel,

Thank you for your letter dated May 11th 2009 (which I received on May 18th).

With reference to the section of your letter containing the statement "the Housing Executive may dispose of it (i.e. my property) in accordance with the provisions of the above said order (i.e. Article 2 of the Secure Tenancies Abandonment Property Order NI 1995)", I would be grateful if you would please take very careful note of the following points in relation to this statement, and the impact that acting on it may have on my efforts to get justice on my own behalf:

1) As I have pointed out in the letter I sent to Barry Fox (Omagh Housing Executive) through the registered post on April 15th 2009, I have discussed this issue with Paula Street (Loughrea based Social Worker) on April 14th 2009, and she informed me in a confident manner -- on April 14th -- that she had spoken to Gerry Madden (Omagh based Social Worker) on the phone some time earlier, and that he had informed her he would e-mail me with answers to the two matters I have mentioned under 7) and 9) below.

2) When I saw Paula Street on April 28th 2009, I pointed out to her that I had not received the e-mail from Gerry Madden she had advised me to expect. On learning this she offered to contact Gerry Madden on my behalf again, which I readily agreed to in the hope that some further effort by her would result in I receiving an e-mail from Gerry Madden containing the two pieces of information referred to below under 7) and 9): which are extremely important to me for reasons that I feel should be very obvious to all concerned.

3) To date, I have not received any e-mail from Gerry Madden since my first formal meeting with Paula Street on April 14th 2009.

4) As I see things, I have not "abandoned" the Greencastle property you are writing to me about; I fled from it (in fear for my life) some hours after members of the PSNI (Police Service of Northern Ireland) unexpectedly turned up the Greencastle address around lunchtime of August 31st 2008 armed with machine guns: for no good reason whatsoever that I know of. (It may be worth pointing out that minutes after the police had departed, I was advised by a Greencastle resident that my very public police interview, machine guns and all, had been witnessed from close quarters by at least one local person.)

5) I have not been back to the Greencastle property since the morning of Monday September 1st 2008 because the police informed me they would return to arrest me (at the Greencastle property) if I did not present myself at the Omagh Police Station at "1400 hours" on September 1st 2008; and, the reason I have stayed away from the Greencastle address is wholly because I fear I would be putting my life at risk by returning there as things stand at the present time, having due regard for the fact that senior members of the PSNI appear to me to be ignoring my numerous efforts to truthfully communicate with them in writing (via e-mail and recorded delivery letters): which, correctly or otherwise, leaves me with the feeling that their only interest in the truth relating to my case is to cover it up -- for the purpose, apparently, of providing "impunity facilities" for people such as Lord Jacob Rothschild (for example), and with no regard WHATSOEVER it seems for the very wide range of "costs" that doing so forces onto me, day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year.

6) I sent a letter through the registered post to Gerry Madden on December 19th 2008 (copy of text and Post Office receipt available at ) in which I set out the difficulties I have been having with the UK Police for several years now. In connection with the London Metropolitan Police Service (Scotland Yard) these unresolved difficulties date back to 2002, and in the case of the PSNI to December 13th 2004.

7) I have never received any acknowledgement of receipt from Gerry Madden for my December 19th 2008 letter to him, and consequently I do not know if he has ever received it or not. This is the first of two items I have been waiting for written clarification on from him, via the e-mail I have been expecting from him referred to in 3) above.

8) I sent a letter through the registered post to Barry Fox on April 3rd 2009 (copy and Post Office receipt at ) which, among other things, provided Mr Fox with Internet access to the letter to Gerry Madden referred to at 6) above: and which I requested him to take "very" careful note of.

9)  I have never received any acknowledgement of receipt from Barry Fox for my April 3rd 2009 letter to him, and consequently I do not know if he has ever received it or not. This is the second of two items I have been waiting for written clarification on from Gerry Madden, via the e-mail I have been expecting from him referred to in 3) above.

10) On May 18th 2009 I handed Dr Anne Jeffers (Consultant Psychiatrist based in County Galway) a set of papers relating to the subject of "Impunity", and its connection with my particular case. The texts in question included sections of the information provided at , and at . These same texts are also referred to in the e-mail I copied to you last Friday (May 22nd 2009) - the full text of which can be viewed at , and which refers -- very correctly in my view -- to impunity as "exceedingly harmful and implying irreparable damage done through evil or insidious corrupting or undermining".

11) My understanding is that Dr Jeffers will be giving further consideration to the set of "Impunity" texts I handed her last Monday -- which I see as the core obstacle that is preventing a just resolution to the long drawn out and complex set of psychological abuses I have unhappily been subjected to during the past 10 years or so, and which are ongoing -- before she writes to my GP in County Galway (Dr John Kilraine) for the purpose of informing him regarding the kind of medical treatment she is providing me with, and her reasons for doing so.

12) I am due to receive my very first session of formal treatment for C-PTSD (Complex-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) with psychologist Niamh Gralton (who I  understand is a member of Dr Jeffers's Team) on May 28th 2009: which is well over 3 years since Omagh based Dr Michael McCavert GP formally diagnosed the condition in me in his "To Whom It May Concern" letter dated October 28th 2005 (copy at ), and well over 4 years since Dr Thomas Foster (Consultant Psychiatrist) had me thrown out of Fermanagh and Tyrone Hospital on December 14th 2004, just days after I was admitted: and without having provided me with any medical treatment for the C-PTSD I now know I was suffering from long before I was admitted to Fermanagh and Tyrone Hospital on December 7th 2004.

13) Dr Jeffers informed me on May 18th 2009 that, as I understand it, she had written to Dr Foster to find out why he "treated" me in the way that he did in December 2004, and that she is waiting for a written reply from him.

14) I wrote to Dr Thomas Foster myself on August 11th 2008 (copy at ) but I have never received any reply of any kind from him: which I find extremely worrying for several reasons, including the fact that the letter in question was copied to Chief Inspector Michael Winters (Omagh Police Station), who shortly afterwards sent police armed with machine guns to my Greencastle address, as related at 4) above.

15) As can clearly be seen at the Internet address immediately above, the e-mail version of my August 11th 2009 letter to Dr Foster  was also copied to Northern Ireland Chief Constable Sir Hugh Orde OBE.

16) Copies of my August 11th 2008 letter to Dr Foster were also sent through the registered post to UK Prime Minister Gordon  Brown MP, and to Republic of Ireland Prime Minister Brian Cowan TD; and, in both cases, I have not received any written or verbal response from them. (The associated Post Office receipts can be viewed at the Internet address immediately above.)

17) I have checked my Bank of Ireland (Omagh) account this morning and I note that all payments (due by me to the Omagh Housing Executive) for the Greencastle property are fully up to date.

18) All of the information I have so far found on the Internet relating to C-PTSD suggests that the prognosis for recovery from the psychological injuries in question is generally considered to be not good. However, I have long believed that my chances of recovery would be greatly increased if I could have the benefit of achieving justice through the suggestions mentioned under Principle 1 (GENERAL OBLIGATIONS OF STATES TO TAKE EFFECTIVE ACTION TO COMBAT IMPUNITY ) at , which includes clear mention of things such as "effective remedies", "reparation", "prevent a RECURRENCE of violations", and "the inalienable right to know the truth about violations".

19) As I have already pointed out to Paula Street on April 14th 2009, I believe that my chances of achieving justice may be very severely reduced if anybody other than myself gets access to the written records belonging to me at the Greenford property: which circumstances beyond my control forced me to leave behind me on the morning of September 1st 2008 -- for the reasons related at 4) above.

20) As I believe it could very seriously undermine my efforts to get justice, if the Omagh Housing Executive presses ahead with its plan to dispose of my property "in accordance with the provisions of the above said order (i.e. Article 2 of the Secure Tenancies Abandonment Property Order NI 1995)", I therefore request that you do not proceed with this process.

Allowing for the above, and for reasons which I feel should be very obvious to all concerned, I would very much appreciate it if you could let me have a written acknowledgement of receipt for this particular communication at your earliest convenience please: so that the long-standing (and ongoing) criminal abuse connected with the mental torture I'm being subjected to is prevented from being further extended and enlarged upon by yet more impunity (at my expense).

For future reference purposes, I will later today place a copy of this e-mail at the following Internet location:

Yours sincerely,

William Finnerty. 




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