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William Finnerty <> Mon, Oct 21, 2013 at 3:55 PM
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Dear Sylvia,

Thank you for your recent e-mail, which reached me with the "Send Date": "Thursday, 1 January 1970, 0:00"

I would be very grateful if you could please let me know if "3" actually used the above mentioned "Thursday, 1 January 1970, 0:00" date, or, allowing for the disclosures during recent months of US Whistleblower Edward Snowden regarding GCHQ and the NSA www activities, if it was introduced -- perhaps (?) -- by some third party on its way to me?

The same obviously false "Thursday, 1 January 1970, 0:00" date also appeared on the first "3" e-mail I received in response to my 15 Oct 13 14:50:53 e-mail to "3". (Both of the e-mails in question are reproduced below.)

If it was "3" who used the "Thursday, 1 January 1970, 0:00" date, I'd be grateful if you could please let me have a brief explanation as to why "3" are using this obviously false date on the e-mails they are sending to me?

At this stage, I feel I should point out that all of the evidence available to me (at the time I stopped using the "3" Broadband Service some months ago) left me feeling that the difficulties I had been experiencing, which were so bad that I had to stop trying to use the "3" Broadband service altogether, were -- in all probability -- "politically motivated": in one way or another.

As can be observed via the www address just below, I have been VERY heavily involved in resisting what I see as some extremely serious forms of "government wrongdoing" for the past number of years now:

Once the above matter regarding the obviously false "Thursday, 1 January 1970, 0:00" date is clear to me, I will be happy to return to the original business I e-mailed "3" about on 15 Oct 13 14:50:53.

Yours sincerely,

William Finnerty.

From: "" <>
Sent: Thursday, 1 January 1970, 0:00
Subject: Response from Three

Dear William,

We’re sorry to hear that you’re experiencing difficulties using the internet and no longer want to use our service.

On reviewing your account, I see that you’ve called our Technical Support Team on 12th May, 2013. They could not diagnose the issue as you were calling from a landline and were not near your computer. You were requested to call from a mobile phone but we didn’t receive your call. Neither did the store call us for any issues you’ve experienced.

However, we’re not able to process your cancellation request at the moment, as there is an outstanding balance of €40.64 on your account. Cancellation of the direct debit does not cancel your account. Billing will continue as long as your account is not closed. Your services have been restricted from 2nd October, 2013 due to the non-payment of your bills.

You can pay the balance on your account in any of these ways:

• Credit Card/ Debit Card by calling 1913. The payment will register on your account instantly.

• In your local Post Office. Pop into your local Post Office with the first page of your bill and pay your phone bill like any other utility bill. Payment will register on your account the next working day. Or you could register your details on An Post’s new online bill payment service,, and pay your balance online.

• Cheque, bank draft or postal order made payable to H3G Ireland. Please quote your Three account number on the payment and send it to Three Payment Centre, PO Box 10171, Dublin 2. Payment will take 5 days to register on your account.

• Bank transfer or telephone banking. Payment will take 3 days to register on your account.

You’ll find more details on ways to pay on our Help & Support section at

Once the balance has been cleared, you’ll need to contact our NBS Technical Support Team to cancel the account. We require 30 days notice before the termination date, as stated in our Terms and Conditions. As it stands, we haven’t taken any action on your account yet.

I hope this makes things a little simpler. If you need anything else, feel free to call or email us and we’ll be happy to help.

Kind regards,

Sylvia Correia da Costa
Three Customer Services

TRACKING NUMBER:  A00008379575-00024508047

    -----Original Message-----

    Sent: 17 Oct 13 16:24:33
    To:  <>
    Subject: Re: Response from Three

Dear Kim,

Thank you for your recent e-mail (which seems to contain a date error).

My address is:

St Albans
New Inn
County Galway.

My Date of Birth is March 21st 1945.

I intend to contact the NBS Technical Support Team later today to
arrange for the return of the Repeater.

With reference to my cancelling/ending of the contract, I would like to point
out that I can't help feeling my "monthly payment" obligation, under the terms
of the contract, would have been nullified on account of the way "3" failed to
provide me with the service they contracted to supply me with: especially when it is the case that I
reported the service difficulties I was experiencing on several occasions -- over a period of several months -- to
people employed by "3", and that "3" nonetheless failed, or were unable perhaps (for
reasons unknown to me), to correct the service problems in question.

Kind regards,

William Finnerty. 

From: "" <>
Sent: Thursday, 1 January 1970, 0:00
Subject: Response from Three

Dear William,

Thanks for your email.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience that you’ve experienced lately.

From your email, I understand that you don’t wish to continue with our service as you’ve already switched to a different provider. However, I’m unable to check the account status or take any action as I haven’t been able to complete our Data Protection verification. I need more information to complete our verification and access your account. Can you please send the following information as soon as you can?

• Address
• Date of Birth

As soon as we have this, we’ll be able to help you.

Just so you’re aware, cancelling the direct debit will not cancel your account. Billing will continue as long as the account remains active.

We need 30 days’ notice for all cancellations; as explained in our Terms & Conditions. As you’ve mentioned that you’ve a National Repeater Broadband account, you’ll need to contact our NBS Technical Support Team on our freephone 1913 for the collection of the Repeater, with the following details:

•    Repeater Serial Number
•    Address to pick up the Repeater
•    Date and time for the pick up
•    Contact number

Their working hours are from Monday to Sunday between 8 am and 12 am. Once the Repeater has been collected, your broadband account can be cancelled.

We look forward to hearing from you soon. Alternatively, feel free to get call and we’ll be happy to help.

Kind Regards,

Kim Mishra
Three Customer Services

TRACKING NUMBER:  A00008371156-00024482519

     -----Original Message-----

     Sent: 15 Oct 13 14:50:53
     To:  <>
     Cc:  <>
     Subject: Account Number 8209886475

Dear Sir/Madam,

Although the "3" NBS Repeater Broadband Service your company provided me with functioned in a
reasonably satisfactory manner for the first year or so in my home in New Inn, County Galway (which is where I needed the Broadband Service), it then gradually
became almost completely unusable by virtue of the fact that the service kept
cutting off every few minutes.

Despite several attempts to have the problem resolved, which included a number
of visits to "3" Shops, the problem nevertheless persisted, and I felt I had to
arrange for the services of a different Broadband Service Provider at my home.

As a consequence, and in the belief that I had more than met the duration of the
time I had contracted with "3" to provide me with the NBS Repeater Broadband Service (at my home), I asked
the Bank of Ireland to stop the monthly payments from my account to "3" on
August 21st 2013.

Yours sincerely,

William Finnerty.


                                           End of e-mail text


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Related Indymedia (Ireland) Comment:
by W. Finnerty Thu May 16, 2013 12:30
Please note that, for technical reasons beyond my control, the dozen or so "Internet Hyperlinks" provided in the "Related Open News Topics" section below will appear as "dead text" in this "Indymedia (Ireland)" comment. However, the original "live working" versions of these hyperlinks can be found (and used) in the edition of the message-text at the www address provided above; and, they were included in this morning's e-mail to the United Nations because, between them, they seem (to me) to provide a pretty good indication/"feel" of just how MASSIVE, VARIED, WIDESPREAD, and DEEPLY ENTRENCHED, the global "government corruption, crime, cover-ups, and impunity" problem really is at the present time: and, most important of all perhaps, I think they also, as a set, supply a tangible "handle" (of sorts) on the very slimy, very extensive, and often very blurred "DENIAL (genuine and/or pretend) MINDSET PROBLEM", which continues to so powerfully, and frequently INVISIBLY, and often from "way behind the scenes", to "fuel and drive" the whole accelerating global phenomenon of "government corruption, crime, cover-ups, and impunity". Has anything really changed fundamentally among the arrogant "ruling elites", I often find myself asking myself, since the days (in the 1400s AD) of the "Borgias Pope Family" in Holy Rome: "The Original Crime Family of The Vatican", as they have been labelled by some?'
'A bit like other aspects of the universe itself perhaps, it may be that this particularly nasty MINDSET "type social problem" (as I see it), in very large part a human-brain "software problem" I suspect, which I have long viewed as a major threat for "humanity as a whole", and maybe even for the whole of "Life on Earth" possibly -- when and if the constantly-lurking risk, above and below the surface of the Earth (particularly in the oceans of our World), of "the makings" of a  "Hell on Earth" Thermonuclear World War Three   is taken into account -- is a problem that is half-invisibly expanding outwards (and inwards as well at the same time in its particular case!!) at something approaching the speed of light? Or at least the speed of sound perhaps, and with much of the credit for the "expansion in all directions" due to the bankster owned/controlled MSM (Main Stream Media).'
The two excerpts just above formed part of an Indymedia (Ireland) comment made on Thursday May 16th, 2013 at 12:30.
The full Thursday May 16th 2013 12:30 Indymedia (Ireland) comment which the excerpts were taken from can be viewed at:

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