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  • King Ollamh Fodhla was one of the most extraordinary men of early times.
  • King Ollamh Fodhla died BC 1277 and if you note the important dates quoted in other European Nations you will realize how advanced he was.
  • At this period even the Chosen People were just emerging, yet Ireland was a settled Kingdom far advanced in the arts of civilized life. It was not until six hundred and twenty seven years later that Romulus founded Rome. One hundred and ninety years after Ollamh Fodhla's death Troy was captured.
  • King Ollamh Fodhla is celebrated as a philosopher and statesman.
  • King Ollamh Fodhla was the first King by whom the "Feis Teamhrach" (The Great Feast of Tara) was established.  (Please see Monarch Number  27  on John O' Hart's List.)
  • He instituted a senatorial assembly resembling a modern parliament vested with legislative and judicial functions (Brehon Law).
  • The Feis Teamhrach met triennially during "Samhain" (Autumn) at Tara.
  • The verified records were inserted into the Psalter of Tara. In the book of Nachongbhail it says "judging by the few fragments of the Psalter of Tara which have come down to us we affirm that they were the work of a most high civilization" (13 hundred years before the Christian era).
  • In the third century AD King Cormac MacAirt made additions to the Psalter updating it to his own time.
  • Many excellent laws were past during the reign of King Ollamh Fodhla among which was the placing of the army (Na Fianna) under the control of "The Assembly".
  • He founded great centres of learning for his people which were state maintained.
  • Privileges were granted to Fileas (Philosophers), Bards, Musicians and Genealogists or Heralds.
  • By a system of Armorial bearing Ollamh Fodhla originated the plan of distinguishing different families and establishing this system in Ireland. It was not wholly adopted throughout Europe until the 11th Century AD.
  • His system of Government was remarkable for its interest in the people and its cultivation of high standards in all areas of life.
  • He died a natural death and was quietly succeed by his son (King Finnachta).

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Are "Rath Lugh" and "Rath Laegaire" the same?

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 King Ollamh Fodhla, The Hill of Tara, and Brehon Law

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Hill of Tara

    MAP  >>>  The "Hill of Tara" Area   <<<    MAP  
The "Hill of Tara" is approximately 7 miles to the South-East of "Navan" and due West of "Skreen"  


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    MAP  >>>  Loughcrew   <<<    MAP  
"Cairn T" ( in the "Slieve na Calliagh" Hills) is approximately 3 miles to the South-East of "Oldcastle"

Ancient monuments in the Loughcrew Area:

Newgrange & King Ollamh Fodhla

Brehon Law


  "In the piers between the windows of the interior dome (in the Four Courts) are eight colossal statues, in alto relievo, resting upon consoles or brackets, representing Punishment, Eloquence, Mercy, Prudence, Law, Wisdom, Justice, and Liberty. Over those statues an entablature with a highly-enriched frieze is continued round the dome, and immediately above each window, in the frieze, are medallions of the following eight distinguished legislators, Moses, Lycurgus, Solon, Numa, Confucius, Alfred, Manco-Capac, and Ollamh-Fodhla."

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Ulster (Northern Ireland)

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 Threats to Heritage Sites in the "Hill of Tara" Area

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  “Tara is one of the most important and famous archaeological complexes in the world.… all of our researches point to the valley between Tara and Skryne as an area of paramount importance throughout the history of Tara.”  (Dr Conor Newman)

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