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Jerome Daly, Judge Mahony & the Credit River Decision

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Jerome Daly was from Savage Minn. and a close friend of mine.
The "Credit River" decision (was) where a jury in a Justice of the Peace court trial
found that Federal Reserve Notes were not Moneys of Account of the United States
and the court in his opinion found them to be 'FRAUDS'.

This case was on Dec. 7, 1968 before Justice Martin V. Mahoney of Credit
River Minn. and I was an associated Justice since Justice Mahoney had never
tried a jury trial and I was asked by "Chief Justice of the Minnesota Supreme
Court, Oscar Knutson, (commonly known as "King Knute") to assist Justice
Mahoney, since the Bank of Montgomery was represented by an attorney, and
Jerome Daly was an attorney, and the case was about "Failure of Consideration"
by a bank in a mortgage foreclosure on Jerome's cabin at Prior Lake, Minn..

Justice Mahoney declared that only "Gold and Silver Coins" were moneys of
account of the United States, and that the Constitution is still the LAW
today. "No state shall make any "THING" but Gold and Silver Coin a tender in
payment of debts..."

And of course since the Federal Government had been given only 18 to 20
powers under the Constitution it was a "Limited Government", and according to
the 9th and 10th amendments the states and the people were Sovereign, and
retained for themselves all of the other rights not specifically given to the

When news of the jury's decision was picked up by Vern Myers and written
about in his newsletter, "Myers Finance and Commerce" and sent world wide the
whole world was afraid to accept FRAUDS and it got so big that they had
Justice Mahoney killed within 6 months and Jerome and I had a couple of close
calls too.

I've published the book: "The Credit River Decision" for 20 years now, but
sold my last copy about 6 months ago, since like Waco, no one was interested
in it after the Govt put their "SPIN DOCTORS' to work to try to discredit it.
This like the "Special Appearance" really needs to be studied to learn the
real truth about our "Funny Money" system of creating Money "Out of thin Air"
by the Banksters.

During the trial, on cross examination the President of the "Bank of Montgomery"
testified that the banks regularly "create money out of thin air."

Jerome asked the Bank President:
         "If you were just opening up your bank and no one had yet made a deposit,
and I came into your bank, and wanted to take out a loan of $18,000.00,
could you loan me that money?

When the Bank President said, "Yes."
                    I thought the jury would faint.

Jerome than said , "Does this mean that you can create money out of thin air?"

The Bank President said: "Yes. We can create money out of thin air."

Justice Mahoney then said "IT SOUNDS LIKE FRAUD TO ME" and everybody in the
court room nodded their heads indicating that they agreed with Justice Mahoney.
The jury went out and returned a verdict in favor of Jerome Daly on the basis
that the Federal Reserve Notes were not legal and valid consideration for a
mortgage note contract.
Those that have a copy of "The Credit River Decision" just won't part with
it, and it's too expensive to print just a few copies, so I really don't know
where you'll get a copy.

Good luck on your case, and I hoped that I helped you a little.

Bill Drexler

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Subject: Legal Tender Precident: Jerome Daily & Judge Mahoney <fwd>

Bill, <snip>
This information must be published. As Lincoln said teach the Constitution in our schools,
preach itfrom the pulpits. The Internet is both and more.

    Bill has some very good information that he would like to either offer for sale in "bound books" or "post
far and wide." I think we can help him and should.

Lyle Myhr Jr.

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I agree with you, and think it should be put in every class room as required
reading. I could reprint the book, but this list will not let me advertise it and I
don't want to be left with 50 copies since I don't have room for all my
other books now.
       I would do anything to get it on the Internet, but recently I had forms of
"Demand for Immunity, and Public servants questionnaires,,," , etc., and 10
people said that if I faxed them to them, they would put it on the Internet.
All 10 came up with lame excuses, once they had their copies. Total Bull <***>.
No one put them on the Internet.

No more.
       Do you have any suggestions?

Bill Drexler 

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Subject: Fwd: Money: The Credit River Decision, December 7, 1968 -Exposing  the FRAUD!
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  Subject: Money: The Credit River Decision, December 7, 1968 - Exposing the FRAUD!
  Date: Thu, 16 Sep 1999 10:32:46 -0700
To Whom it may concern:
                Posted below here are two letters giving a brief synopsis by Minnesota Attorney Jerome Daly, concerning his
"Credit River Decision" from December 7, 1968.
                I have a complete transcript of this case, including the Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law, as well as Jerome
Daly's scathing letter to the members of the Bar, to whom Jerome refers to as "The Boys in the Back Room."

           The letter is addressed to Patrick Foley, U.S. Attorney for Minnesota on December 27, 1968, and follows below here,
in addition to Jerome's "Introduction" letter. Further below my e-mail signature line is a letter from Bill Drexler, who was an
associate Justice in the Jerome Daly case in Minnesota, which you should find VERY interesting.
        I had a chance to meet and confer with Jerome Daly in 1991, when he assisted me with an unlawful foreclosure on my
home in Puyallup. That case is not over yet. At that time he was living out in California. He drafted  some of the legal
documents on my behalf. The brief he prepared in support of my position will knock your socks off.
One of these days I'll post it with attachments, because it does take a "picture" to explain the fraud.

            If any of you still have Federal Reserve Notes, circa 1920's through the 1960's, you know what I'm talking about. And
if you research and read Public Law 90-269 of March 18, 1968 followed by the Legislative History of Public Law 94-564,
and the contents of Public Law 95-147 on October 28, 1977, you will begin to understand the FRAUD that has been
perpetrated by the Congress of the United States upon the People of this Nation. Public Officials need to be held STRICTLY
accountable to their Oath of Office and the Law of the Land.
            In my case, a certain Court Commissioner and a Superior Court Judge are yet to be prosecuted for their fraudulent
perpetrations. Sometimes the wheels of "Justice" move slowly - but they  will ONLY move when forced to do so by the
Citizenry -- "We the People" -- who hold ALL the power over our ordained and established Constitution,  Bill of Rights, and
proper Organs of Government through Delegated Powers and Authority to Act on OUR behalf.
        Perhaps after reading this you'll begin to understand why those who are enlightened to the fraud try to deal in Coin, as it is
the ONLY medium of exchange specifically authorized under the Constitution, Article I, Section 8, Clause 5 & 6, and Article I,
Section 10, as well as the Coinage Act of 1792, neither of which has ever been repealed, notwithstanding the fraudulent
assertions otherwise by the totally compromised and corrupted Congress and Legislatures. As the Maxim of Law states,
"Fraud and Justice never dwell together." And it should be remarked here that thanks to Congressman Philip M. Crane, you
NOW have Gold and Silver Coin pursuant to Public Law 99-61 (July 9, 1985) and Public Law 99-185 (December 17,
         These two Public Laws made it possible for the minting and distribution of American Gold Eagles and Silver Eagles,
available at your local Coin shop. Everyone should have some real "money" in their possession; but you need to know that your
PAPER Federal Reserve Note with $1 printed on it won't buy a One Dollar Silver Eagle -- you'll have to give about $8.00 to
$9.00 FRN's for the REAL "Dollar". Read Public Law 90-269 and you'll understand why. The paper FRN and the Silver
dollar should be at "parity".
          By the way, "FRAUD" stands not only for the crime, but "Federal Reserve Accounting Unit Device".
           Mr. Daly passed away a couple of years ago . . . but his Credit River Decision lives on, even though the members of the
Bar have sought to suppress this case from public view. It is probably fitting to insert here Jerome's "Introduction" letter of
February 7, 1969, as well as a copy of the letter to the US Attorney on December 27, 1968, so you have some idea of the
gravity of what occurred, and before you read what Bill Drexler, a friend of Jerome, wrote below my signature line. I quote
herein the two letters, as follows:


Jerome Daly, Attorney at Law
28 East Minnesota Street
Savage, Minnesota 55378
February 7, 1969
        On May 8, 1964 the writer executed a Note and Mortgage to the First National Bank of Montgomery, Minnesota, which
is a member of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. Both Banks are private owned and are a part of the Federal Reserve
Banking System.
         In the Spring of 1967 the writer was in arrears $476.00 in the payments on this Note and Mortgage. The Note was
secured by a Mortgage on real property in Spring Lake Township in Scott County, Minnesota. The Bank  foreclosed by
advertisement and bought the property at a Sheriff's Sale  held on June 26, 1967 and did not redeem with the 12 month period
of time allotted by law after the Sheriff's Sale.

        The Bank brought the Action to recover the possession to the property in the Justice of the Peace Court at Savage,
Minnesota. The first 2 Justices were disqualified by Affidavit of Prejudice. The first by the writer and the Second by the Bank.
A third one refused to handle the case. It was then sent, pursuant to law, to Martin V. Mahoney, Justice of the Peace, Credit
River Township, Scott County, Minnesota, who presided at a Jury trial on December 7, 1968. The Jury found the Note and
Mortgage to be void for failure of a lawful consideration and refused to give any validity to the Sheriff's Sale. Verdict was for
the writer with costs in the amount of $75.00.
        The president of the Bank admitted that the Bank created the money and credit upon its own books by which it acquired
or gave as consideration for the Note; that this was standard banking practice, that the credit first came into existence when
they created it; that he knew of no United States Statutes which gave them the right to do this. This is the universal practice of
these Banks. The Justice who heard the case handed down the opinion attached and included herein. Its reasoning is sound. It
will withstand the test of time. This is the first time the question has been passed upon in the United States. I predict that this
decision will go into the History Books as one of the great Documents of American History. It is a huge cornerstone wrenched
from the temple of Imperialism and planted as one of the solid foundation stones of Liberty.


 Jerome Daly
  Attorney At Law
  28 East Savage Street
  Savage, Minnesota 55378
  December 27, 1968
  Mr. Patrick Foley
  United states Attorney for Minnesota
  United States Court House Bldg.
  Minneapolis, Minnesota
  Re: First National Bank of Montgomery vs. Jerome Daly
        As you are on my mailing list, at your request, attached kindly fin 2 copies of a decision rendered at Credit River Twp.
Justice of the Peace court on December 9, 1968 by Justice Martin V. Mahoney, who by occupation is not dependent upon the
fraudulent Federal Reserve Mob for his sustenance; thus he was able to view the whole fraud, which is Global in scope, with a
mind in the settled calmness of impartiality, disinterestedness, and fairness, in keeping with his Oath and with a completely
friendly feeling toward the Constitution of the United States of America.
         In truth and in fact the Justice of the Peace Court is the highest Court in the land as it is the closest to the People. Every
Judge who is dependent upon this fraudulent Federal Reserve, National and State Banking System for his sole support is
DISQUALIFIED because of self interest and had no jurisdiction to sit in review of this Judgment. If any Appellate Court,
including the Supreme Court of the United States, in review of this Judgment, perpetrates a fraud upon the People by defying
the Constitutional Law of the United States, Mahoney has resolved that he will convene another Jury in Credit River Township
to try the issue of the Fraud on the part of any State or Federal Judge, and in an action on my part to recover the possession if
the Jury decides in my favor, the Constable and the Citizens Militia of Credit River Township will, pursuant to the Law, deliver
me back into possession. So you see, this Justice of the Peace can keep the peace in Scott County, Minnesota, not with the
help of these State and Federal Judges who have fled reality, but in spite of  them. This Thomas Jefferson's prophesy with
reference to Chattel Slavery once again rings true; "God's Justice will not sleep forever.". (emphasis added - now you may
understand one of the lawful purposes of the Militia!)
           One wonders sometimes what the United States, and its leaders, including the Shylock usury element, did to bring on a
Peal Harbor Attack on December 7, 1941, with such suddenness and devastation. It could be the Judgment of a Just God
giving vent to a stored wrath in retaliation to the money changers. It is ironic in deed that the Jury should return its verdict on the
same day 27 years later and the National and International Banking and Oil Mob shudder in their back rooms where they have
cornered  the money of the World and where they sit pulling the strings; fostering, conniving and perpetrating War with profit to
themselves paid for by the blood, sweat, tears and toil of the farmer, the mechanic, the laborer and the humbler members of
society; and well they might tremble, for, as they listen they can hear, with every increasing distinctness, the sound of the waves
at low tide as they wash across the lonely decks of the U.S.S. Arizona with over 2,500 men entombed in her hold, with oil still
seeping therefrom to the surface.
       It is better to be charitable than miserly, honest than dishonest, direct than indirect, upright than underhanded, intelligent
than unintelligent, to have courage than be a coward, to be free than slave, in body and in mind.
I remain,
        Quite Independently Yours,
  /s/ Jerome Daly
P.S. Give my best wishes for a New Year to the Boys in the Back Room.
  /s/ John R. Prukop

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