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Rate-Your Solicitor website closed down

categorynational | crime and justice | news reportauthor Thursday February 02, 2012 02:26author by Justin MorahanReport this post to the editors

Judge's criticism of the Internet

The website www.rate-your-solicitor.com. has been shut down without trace.

I was not present in court when the order was made and the following article is based on reports in the Irish Examiner and Irish Independent of 1 February and on the Wikipedia article on the Law Society of Ireland. My criticism is subject to the truth of these reports.

According to the Irish Examiner and the Irish Independent, Mr Justice Michael Peart made the order on Tuesday 31 January 2012. He granted mandatory injunctions, pending the full hearing of the action, against Mr John Gill, of Drumline, Newmarket-on-Fergus, Co Clare, Ms Vogelaar, of Parklands, Westport, Co Mayo, and Dolster Inc, the website host. This was on foot of a defamation action taken by Solicitor Damien Tansey against all three defendants.

The orders required them to terminate the operation of the website. They were also ordered to remove various material posted about Mr Tansey and refrain from publishing "further defamatory material" about him. Mr Gill and Ms Vogelaar denied the claims against them.

I have been in Mr Justice Peart's court on many occasions with various people, and on all such occasions I have been impressed with what I perceived to be his sense of fairness and humanity.

I have also looked at the website in question from time to time and have noticed that comments both for and against the named solicitors were published. Allegations were made, it is true. Some of these were of a most serious nature. Outlandish and defamatory some of them, one might say, if they were not true. However, some of them were later accepted as true in the Irish Courts and a number of the solicitors who had first been named on the site were later struck off the register of solicitors by other orders of the High Court.

I am disappointed that Mr Justice Peart made an order to shut down this website. At my last viewing, it contained many complaints against numerous solicitors, even some who later became Judges. Most of these were not tested by the Courts.

I leave aside the Tansey case which, as I understand it from the reports, is still sub judice.

But how, in respect of the complaints against solicitors other than Mr Tansey, could Judge Peart determine that these complaints were untrue? Why, I wonder, was it not possible for Judge Peart to order that the material written about Mr Tansey, and only that material, be removed? Why did he shut down the whole website? Mr Tansey hardly had locus standi on behalf of all who were complained about on the website?

Of course it is wrong to publish defamatory material. But to publish fair comment has always been the right of the reporter.

According to one report, the Judge also made general comments about the internet to the effect that it has facilitated an easy, inexpensive and instant means of "allowing unscrupulous persons or ill-motivated malcontents to vent their anger and grievances against people, where their allegations are patently untrue and unreasonable". He added that damage caused could in some extreme cases lead to suicide.

The entry in Wikipedia about the Law Society of Ireland contains a paragraph with a description of the website that to me appears closer to the truth than that contained in the the stinging criticism of Judge Peart. The pertinent account is as follows:

"A special Committee of the Law Society has said it was utterly appalled at reports that some solicitors had double-charged for work done for victims of institutional abuse.
In a lecture given to students in Cork, the Master of the High Court Edmund Honohan SC advocated independent regulation of the profession saying that no spinning by the Society could disguise the systemic failure of self-regulation. He said most solicitors must now realise they had been let down, not just by a few rogue negligent solicitors, but by the Law Society itself.
A website launched in February 2006 by the Victims of the Legal Profession, www.Rate-Your-Solicitor.com has become an increasingly popular place for people to vent their frustrations with solicitors.

The Society has investigated a number of solicitors whose actions have damaged both their clients and the reputation of the profession. The most high-profile cases were those of Michael Lynn and Thomas Byrne, who were both struck off by the President of the High Court following investigation by the Society. The two Dublin solicitors, who were fined €2 million and €1 million respectively, may have cost financial institutions more than €100 million. The Law Society’s director general, Ken Murphy, has described as “incomprehensible” the length of time it has taken the Garda to investigate complaints against the two.The Law Society’s compensation fund was almost halved in value because of the number of claims against solicitors and the Law Society’s President John D Shaw said "I’d have to concede that the profession has suffered significant professional damage, but the vast majority of solicitors do their best, and I think they have been very let down by the few".The Law Society had to pay the €100,000 costs of a Supreme Court appeal it brought against two Dublin solicitors who admitted operating secret accounts to evade tax in May 2009." (Wikipedia)

Judge Peart, in his reference to the danger of suicide, did not consider the danger to the victims on the same website who, according to their accounts, have had their legal affairs messed up, their lands or property stolen, by rogue solicitors. If any of their accounts were true, and the "justice system" has failed them, and he has labelled them by implication as "unscrupulous, "malcontents" and now they have been deprived of a public forum in which "to vent their frustrations", their situations might well be considered "extreme cases". But sadly, this humane and good judge has overlooked their predicament while he expresses concern for other humans who just happen to be members of the legal profession.

How the mighty have fallen.

author by Tpublication date Thu Feb 02, 2012 22:52Report this post to the editors

It would seem that this site had provided a very valuable service in terms of its civil function and to addressing probably belately some of the cases of solictor abuse that subsequently were dealt with when these solictors were struck off the register.

It is a bit strange then for the judge to shutdown this only source of oxygen however imperfect it was that gave some life to the profession by creating the space for questions to be asked. And this is what a lot of these things are about. They create the space for things to be discussed.

Clearly the when the libel laws are very strong society can lose out, but when they are too weak many individuals loose out and the middle ground is very grey. Perhaps there is some other mechanism to deal with it.

author by W. Finnertypublication date Fri Feb 03, 2012 10:50Report this post to the editors

Writing as a person who has attended a number of the public meetings held by Mr John Gill and his close associates, the impression I got was that all of the several people I spoke with at these meetings were entirely genuine; that they all had very good personal reasons to be deeply concerned about the extremely serious forms of wrongdoing which continue to take place in the legal professions of both the Republic of Ireland, and Northern Ireland; and, the very worst of which is carried out (as in my own case, and as I see things) with impunity: of the kind that directly causes C-PTSD injuries (i.e. Complex-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder injuries) of the sort that are primarily caused by the overwhelming sense of helplessness (to ever be able to right things) which the targets of such abuse are subjected to, and have to live with year after year (in my own case approximately 10 years to date).

The "keystone" of corruption:

And, every bit as bad, if not worse -- i.e. more difficult to cope with -- is the stance taken by very senior members of the medical profession regarding the matter of how the legal professions of Ireland are being allowed to commit crime with impunity: in a very wide range of ways, and with no sign of any end in sight (that I know of) to this particularly insidious and socially destructive form of wrongdoing: which I strongly suspect causes many times more suicides among the targets of the abuses in question, than it does among the perpetrators.

Related link:

author by Joe Ferris - VLPSpublication date Sat Feb 04, 2012 14:09author email j.ferris3 at ntlworld dot comauthor address 14 Alanvale Crescent Kilfennan Estate Derry Northern Ireland BT47 5SJauthor phone 07715140648Report this post to the editors

Reply to Indymedia regarding VLPS website being shut down.’To whoever it may Concern’

I agree 100% with Mr. Finnerty.

I have been working as a mental health nurse from September 1969 and at present I am employed as Nurse Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing at University of Ulster, School of Nursing, Magee Campus, L/Derry.

I have written extensively especially in writing articles in the Forum of the Rate-Your-Solicitor website. I have written these articles from newspaper reports mainly regarding wrongdoing by members of the so-called legal professions in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

The Legal Corruption involved in the destruction of my ancesteral home near Killyclogher, Omagh, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland.

The brief details of the wrongdoing by solicitors in my own case are as follows:-

My late father Charles Ferris (1916 to 2005) was deprived and cheated out of the ownership of his family home ‘Folio 2974 County Tyrone, Northern Ireland’ by a ‘False Oath/False Legal Instrument’ which was processed on the 18th May 1994 by Solicitor, Ms. Christine Meyler, (of R.H.O'Connor & Co. Solicitors, Omagh now defunct) and now in business with her husband Mr. Kevin McGuigan as (Meyler-McGuigan, Solicitors, Omagh).

LAND REGISTRY: ‘Folio 2974 County Tyrone ‘Right Hand’ not knowing what the ‘Left Hand’ was doing.

1. My late father Charles Ferris (deceased 9th October 2005) and I were ‘Completely Misled by a Land Registry advertisement in Ulster Herald Newspaper, dated Saturday 4th October 1986.

2. A ‘Legal Loophole’ or ‘Legal Corruption’ at ‘Land Registry’ allowed ‘Solicitors’ with special ‘Crooked Legal Inside Knowledge’ of the ‘Legal Process’ at ‘Land Registry’ to ‘Circumvent’ a ‘County Court Order’ and obtain an ‘Invalid Registration’ of ‘Folio 2974’ on 3rd June 1994.

3. LAND REGISTRY Folio 2974 County Tyrone Application No. 57340 Lands at Mullaghmore.

4. [Any person objecting to compliance with the application should furnish details in writing of his objection, and the grounds of such objection to the Registrar of Titles ….. quoting the above Folio and Application Numbers within 21 days of the publication of this notice. Unless an objection with grounds is so lodged, registration may be effected pursuant to the application. D.P. Pope Deputy Registrar of Titles…]

5. County Court hearing before Judge Babbington at Omagh Court on Tuesday 30th May 1989. Order Section 53 application dismissed on merit. Validation of the ‘Written Objection’ and ‘Affidavit’ Lodged at Land Registry on behalf of my late father Charles Ferris.

6. 18th May 1994 ‘False Oath of Administration’ processed by Solicitor Christine Meyler of R. H. O’Connor & Co. Omagh and Grant of Administration to estate of Anne Ferris obtained on 26th May 1994.

7. Tuesday 31st May 1994 ‘illegal Assent’ for Transfer of Ownership of Folio 2974 (signed by applicants whose Section 53 application was ‘Dismissed’ at Omagh Court on 30th May 1994) before Solicitor Christine Meyler of R. H. O’Connor & Co. Omagh.

8. Friday 3rd June 1994 ‘Invalid’ registration of ‘Folio 2974’ by Land Registry in complete disregard of ‘County Court Order dated 30th May 1989’ and ‘Validated Written Objection’ and ‘Affidavit’ Lodged at Land Registry on behalf of my late father Charles Ferris.

9. May 15th 2000 death of my uncle Joseph Ferris. I spent from £8,000 to £10,000 in emergency repairs to Ancestral Home on Folio 2974.

10. June 30th 2000, I was intimidated from the property by family members of my late uncle, who told RUC that they were acting on instructions of solicitor Christine Meyler of R. H. O’Connor & Co. Omagh.

11. May 2005 County Court proceedings issued by solicitor Christine Meyler based on her claims to ownership arising from the ‘Friday 3rd June 1994 ‘Invalid’ registration of ‘Folio 2974’ by Land Registry.

12. February 2007, I discovered that Solicitor Sean Magee of D. Rodgers & Co solicitors, (who was acting on my behalf had a criminal conviction of suspended jail sentence in 2000 for theft from estates of dead clients). Resulting in my complete lack of confidence in D. Rodgers & Co solicitors.

13. At Dungannon County Court in February 2007 at hearing before Judge David McFarland, I issued a letter of ‘Come-Off-Record’ to D. Rodgers & Co solicitors and have appeared as ‘Litigant in Person’ assisted by Victims of the Legal Profession Society (VLPS) in all subsequent court cases.

14. February 2009, Counsel for solicitor Christine Meyler, Mr. Dermot Fee QC and Mr. Gary McHugh BL conceded that my late father Charles Ferris was entitled to full ownership of Folio 2974 from the death of his father in 1945.

15. November 2009, I again spent approx £10,000 in emergency repairs to Ancestral Home on Folio 2974, e.g. double glazing, roof repairs and replacement of all guttering, etc.

16. February 4th 2010, I had an appearance in the High Court Belfast and only after this hearing was I informed by my brother Brian Ferris, who discovered that our Ancestral Home on Folio 2974 had been completely destroyed by an ‘Arson Attack’ in the early morning of February 4th 2010.

17. In a ‘Nutshell’ the fact that my late father and I as laypersons were ‘Completely Misled by the Land Registry advertisement in Ulster Herald Newspaper, dated Saturday 4th October 1986. Deputy Registrar of Titles, Mr. John Gibson stated to my late father, my brother Charles and myself that he, (John Gibson) ‘accepted that there had been fraudulent practise in the registration of Folio 2974 in June 1994’. My late father and I were like ‘lambs to the slaughter’.

18. The ‘Legal Loophole’ and or ‘Legal Corruption’ at ‘Land Registry’ in the period of May 1989 to June 1994 has thus been a ‘Prime Factor’ in the ongoing ‘Fraud and Legal Corruption’ and the ‘Latest Criminal Action’ in the early morning of February 4th 2010, when my ‘Ancestral Home on Folio 2974’ was completely destroyed by an ‘Arson Attack’

Hoping this brief account indicates the necessity to have the VLPS website reinstated. Regards Joe Ferris, 14 Alanvale Creacent, Kilfennan Estate, L/Derry, N. Ireland, BT47 5SJ

author by pat cpublication date Sat Feb 04, 2012 15:12Report this post to the editors

Thanks for that very detailed comment. I hope you eventually get justice.

author by Survivor - Victims of the Legal Profession .publication date Sat Feb 04, 2012 17:22Report this post to the editors

Maybe the Victims of the Legal Profession , (V.L.P.S.) might consider the 'mole' who was sent in to infiltrate the Rys website , i have it on good authority the mole was in legal difficulties with a certain Liar , sorry, solicitor on the East Coast of Ireland who , along with A.nother member of the legal profession encouraged postings against a Judge & a Member of An Garda Siochana , both of whom were heading for the Hall of Shame , in actual fact the Garda had just been relegated to the hall of shame on Rys in place of the Liar , sorry , solicitor on the East Coast just before the website experienced difficulties which were then followed by information as to 'who is responsible' for what on Rys , information then 'considered' & used against the alleged moderator of the website, much to the delight of the un-named , ( for legal reasons ) members of the legal profession who then informed the mole to 'get lost' , strange happenings indeed in the pursuit of free speech in a so called democratic country .....

author by Paula-alias - Braynative publication date Sun Feb 05, 2012 00:08Report this post to the editors

I can confirm that this man did put pressure on local people not to comment on the site and put fear in those who had.

author by Joe Ferris - VLPSpublication date Sun Feb 05, 2012 00:26author email j.ferris3 at ntlworld dot comauthor address 14 Alanvale Crescent Kilfennan Estate L/Derry Northern Ireland BT47 5SJauthor phone 07715140648Report this post to the editors

IRISH NEWS: Lawyer Stole From Dead 11/02/2000 by Staff Reporter
http://www.rate-your-solicitor.com/irishnews.htm date accessed Tuesday 29th June 2010.

A solicitor has been given a suspended jail term after admitting stealing almost £140,000 from the estates of dead clients.

Sean Magee, from Greenan Road in Newry, admitted the offences at Downpatrick Crown Court.

He was struck off by the Law Society when details of the fraud emerged in 1997.
A Society spokesman said Magee would have to reapply for entry but would face "considerable hurdles" if he ever considered practising again.

Magee, whose practice was based in Dunmurry, outside Belfast, pleaded guilty to three charges of theft.

Prosecuting counsel Ken McMahon QC told the court that Magee stole £74,000 from the estate of an elderly client named Patricia Murphy.

Magee, who was also forced to resign from his position as part-time chairman of the Independent Tribunals Service, claimed he had fulfilled the last will and testament of Ms Murphy by bequeathing the money to the Missionary Society of St Columba in Co Meath and the Salesians of Don Bosco.

However an investigation revealed he stole most of the money and gave only £7,000 to the charities.

The court also heard that Magee presented Ms Murphy’s family with a bill for over £5,000 for handling the estate.

The prosecution detailed how Magee stole more than £60,000 from the estate of another client, Eric Storey.

Magee was instructed to invest the money in an off-shore bank on the Isle of Man on behalf of a nephew who lived in New Zealand.

Instead all but £10,000 went towards Magee’s firm. The offences came to light in 1997 when an executor of the Murphy will noticed discrepancies.

In mitigation Magee’s counsel said all the money was paid back, with interest, within two months of the offences coming to light.

Magee, who was told he had betrayed the trust placed in him by clients, was sentenced to concurrent periods of two years imprisonment, suspended for three years on each count.]

PS. Here are the details, I discovered after searching the internet in 2007, that my solicitor Sean Magee, (working in the office of Rodgers & Co. Solicitors, Belfast) had been ‘Struck Off’ as follows:-

‘A solicitor has been given a suspended jail term after admitting stealing almost £140,000 from the estates of dead clients.’

After discovering the ‘False Oath/False Legal Instrument’ in December 2006, Solicitor Sean Magee, was my legal adviser and the stress I was subjected to was beyond belief as an offer of £8.4 million (eight million four hundred punds sterling) had been made for the land contained in Folio 2974 County Tyrone. I could not sign the contract due to the ‘Fraudulent Oath Document’ and my distress was compounded when I discovered that my solicitor Sean Magee had a criminal conviction.

Would all ordinary decent people, perhaps agree the fact that Solicitor Sean Magee was still working as a solicitor even after his criminal conviction in 2000 is proof and more proof that the so-called ‘Law Society’ in Northern Ireland, failed to protect the public? Regards Joe Ferris.

author by Joe Ferris - VLPSpublication date Sun Feb 05, 2012 01:39author email j.ferris3 at ntlworld dot comauthor address 14 Alanvale Crescent Kilfennan Estate L/Derry Northern Ireland BT47 5SJauthor phone 07715140648Report this post to the editors

Ex-solicitor on €52m bank fraud charges: The Irish Times - Saturday, February 4, 2012. CONOR LALLY, Crime Correspondent
http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/frontpage/2012/0204/1224311251792.html date accessed Sunday 5th February 2012.

FORMER SOLICITOR Thomas Byrne, who was charged in December with stealing millions of euro of his clients’ money, has been charged with 50 additional offences of stealing and defrauding €52 million from financial institutions in the final years of the property boom.

The 45-year-old Dubliner is alleged to have fraudulently obtained mortgages, sometimes several on the same property, on his dealings with 20 properties.
His prosecution is one of the most high-profile since the collapse of the property market. It comes after a lengthy investigation by the Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigation.

Mr Byrne, who had a solicitor’s practice in Clondalkin, west Dublin, before he was struck off by the Law Society, has been granted bail and legal aid but has had to surrender his passport.

He will appear again before Dublin District Court in four weeks when the book of evidence will be served on him.

When brought before Judge John O’Neill yesterday the court was told Mr Byrne – of Walkinstown Road and Aungier Street, both Dublin, was facing 50 additional charges under the Theft and Fraud Offences Act.

He faces 14 counts of making false instruments, including deeds of transfer and assignments of properties; eight counts of using false instruments; nine charges of deception; and 21 theft charges relating to mortgages on more than 20 private residences across Dublin.

It is alleged he stole €52 million from National Irish Bank, IIB, Irish Nationwide Building Society, EBS, Anglo Irish Bank and Bank of Scotland from 2004 until September 2007.

Det Sgt Paschal Walsh told the court Mr Byrne made no comment in reply to each charge.]

Would all ordinary decent people perhaps agree, the Rate Your Solicitor website, needs to be re-instated forthwith so that details of rogue solicitors such as

‘..Thomas Byrne, who was charged in December with stealing millions of euro of his clients’ money, has been charged with 50 additional offences of stealing and defrauding €52 million from financial institutions.’

Can be exposed to the ‘strong disinfectant of day light’ and ‘public opinion’ to act as a:-

deterrent to all solicitors and also as a warning to members of the public to be vigilant in all dealings with solicitors so as to:-

be proactive and prevent ordinary decent people from becoming victims of legal problems and or crooked lawyers in the first place? Regards Joe Ferris

author by Survivor - Victims of the Legal Profession .publication date Sun Feb 05, 2012 09:00Report this post to the editors

In reply to Mr Joe Ferris , of course the Rys website must be permitted to carry on with educating the people of Ireland about the conduct of members of the legal profession .

author by Survivor - Victims of the Legal Profession .publication date Sun Feb 05, 2012 11:54Report this post to the editors

Paula , Bray native , your truthful posting says it all .

author by in replypublication date Sun Feb 05, 2012 12:30Report this post to the editors

a website run by a small coterie of misguided individuals whose principle ideology is that if a legal decision goes against you, it can only be as a result of judicial corruption.

the closure of this website is good news for anyone with a legitimate grievance against a solicitor.

author by Survivor - Victims of the Legal Profession .publication date Sun Feb 05, 2012 13:35Report this post to the editors

In reply , the website Rys is used to rate solicitors , it is not used to demonise solicitors . barristers or members of the legal profession overall . Victims have posted their comments against rogue members of the legal profession , but also included were comments published in favour of honest members of the legal profession of which there are thousands of members doing their utmost to honour the wishes of their clients according to the Rule of Law . Fact , not Fiction .

author by in replypublication date Sun Feb 05, 2012 14:00Report this post to the editors

a court of this land has found that the operators of the site were responsible for "seriously defamatory" content to be published about individuals and that it facilitated "ill-motivated malcontents" to vent their grievances unfettered. that is a fact.

everyone including solicitors are entitled to be protected from such acts under the law.

author by Survivor - Victims of the Legal Profession .publication date Sun Feb 05, 2012 14:18Report this post to the editors

On mainstream television programmes , which are on full view to the public , we have some programmes broadcast with the interest of the public at hand , ie , Crime Call , Rogue Builders , all with the intention of bringing about matters that Should interest the public , we have daily newspapers publishing articles in relation to Bankers who are under public scrutiny due to ongoing investigations which are in the public interest , i don't see the Judiciary closing down Rte or newspapers simply because they are practising their 'duty of care' to the public so i fail to understand why the website was ever the subject of court scrutiny in the first place .

author by Pampublication date Sun Feb 05, 2012 15:51Report this post to the editors

I was a victim of the solicitor on the East Coast who we all know. He must have wanted the site closed

down as all the comments in which I read reflected the misery inflicted on my family where the liar tried to

wreck my husband's life to point he ended up in Newcastle. He even got to the kids so nobody here tell me

what these Scumbag solicitors are doing is right because my family was never right after the scum. He cant

even look anyone in the eye and pretends to me on the phone as he walks up the town-he needs more


author by Survivor - Victims of the Legal Profession .publication date Sun Feb 05, 2012 17:00Report this post to the editors

Date: 05/02/2012, 15:28:32
Name: John Gill
Location: County Clare,Ireland
Number: 4,310
Solicitor Damien Tansey of Wine St.Sligo has opened up the can of worms for The Irish Judiciery as did The Director General of The Law Society of Ireland Ken Murphy did for rateyoursolicitor.com in 2006.
We must now as Victims of Irish Judges ; Demand before the hearing of our cases ; and I Quote ;
We Recognize Article 34 5 1' of The Irish Constitution and Article 21, {Criteria for Office} 1, 2, & 3 of The European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and you must in future ask The Preciding Judge before the hearing of your Case if he or she will adhere to The Oath they have taken to uphold The Law and the Irish Constitution and Respect The Constitutional Rights of Lay Litigants.
Up to date 5/2/2012 Irish Judges Support and Assist Solicitors and Barristers in The Theft of Money and Property from Vulnerable Families and Individuals and many not so Vulnerable because Ireland is as Two Officials from The Revenue Commissioners said to me ; For a small Country ? Ireland is The Most Corrupt in The World; TANSEY for all of your exposure of Defemation Lible and Slander against me John Gill ; You Solicitor Damien Tansey are and have dragged Judge Micheal Peart, Judge Mary C.Ervine, Barrister Richard Humphreys, Barrister Christopher D. Lehane, and many more who colluded with you to try and save your safe Passage to Join the N.A.M.A group. All Ireland and the I.M.F, E.C.B. and British Taxpayers need is Solicitor Damien Tansey running the Show.
John Gill 5/2/2012

author by Survivor - Victims of the Legal Profession .publication date Sun Feb 05, 2012 18:00Report this post to the editors

Date: 05/02/2012, 17:09:32
Name: John Gill
Location: County Clare Ireland
Number: 4,311
At 2.10pm on the 3rd day of February 2012 I received from Solicitor Damien Tansey The Judgement of Judge Micheal Peart. . ; and I Quote;
You will find enclosed Certified copy Judgment of Mr Justice Peart delivered on Tuesday 31st January 2012 ; end of story.
I am now in possession of The Judgment of Judge Micheal Peart without the case being heard, The Judgment also states that I John Gill have no possible chance of winning against Damien Tansey.
This Judgement is a Joke & a Total FRAUD. Full Stop
Judge Micheal Peart did not allow the Case to be Complete.
Judge Micheal Peart brought the Case to an Abrupt end as I John Gill was telling the TRUTH about Damien Tanseys Conduct.
I, asked Judge Micheal Peart for an ORDER for Discovery of Documents and was told to seek Voluntary Discovery and if that failed that he Judge Peart would give me a Court ORDER for Discovery.
The Judgment states that I can not take the Law into my own hands, and explains the Mechanisms available,
I John Gill have availed of the Mechanisms and will produce the Documented Evidence of six months and more with Garda Bureau of FRAUD Investigation Detectives in Shannon Garda Station and Harcourt Street Fraud Detectives, and the Courts; and Judges; Interferred with the findings; The Irish Land Registry Officials,Solicitors and Barristers Forged Documents against Court ORDERS to coverup and Steal my Property.
The Law Society of Ireland aided and abetted Fraud Corruption,Perjury, Forgery, Perverting the Course of Justice, Interferring with due Process of the Courts.
Judge Micheal Peart refused to take a copy of my book.
Barrister Richard Humphreys, a Lecturer I believe in Dublin City University is in possession of my book which details many years of Research and Investigation of Fraud and Corruption by Judges,Barristers and Solicitors;
Failed Barristers and Solicitors and may I say Corrupt Baristers & Solicitors are costing Ireland ; Now the E.C.B. I.M.F. and British Taxpayers Multi-Millions of Euro. with no end in sight.
I, told Judge Micheal Peart on day one of my Court Hearing that I had written a book and had named Thirty Three Judges in my Book.
Judge Micheal Peart told me John Gill and The Court that he Judge Micheal Peart did not want to be the Thirty Fourth Judge Named.
Judge Micheal Peart I, believe was forced by the Combined Barristers Union and The Law Society of Ireland at a meeting behind closed doors that he Judge Micheal Peart had to tow the line & was bound by the Secret Oath and not by the Law and The Irish Constitution or The European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms; I.E. THE LAW OF THE JUNGLE. The world is listening and watching and I am waiting for Judge Micheal Peart to give me an ORDER for Discovery of Documents which is vital to the successful Conclusion of this case.
John Gill 5/2/2012

author by in replypublication date Sun Feb 05, 2012 18:24Report this post to the editors

when rte or national newspapers are found to have defamed people they always apologize and retract the offending comments.

i wonder whether the operators of the site will do the same or is it the case that you believe mr tansey is not entitled to an apology?

assuming that an actual order was made directing that the site be shut down, may be if the operators of were prepared to give undertakings that no further defamatory comments would be published those orders would not have been made. were they prepared to give such undertakings?

author by in replypublication date Sun Feb 05, 2012 18:38Report this post to the editors

thank you for those posts by the way which prove my original point.

the decision could only have been arrived at as a result of judicial corruption and fraud!!

author by Survivor - Victims of the Legal Profession .publication date Sun Feb 05, 2012 19:00Report this post to the editors

In Reply , thank you for your comment(s), as the situation moves along we will keep you and other interested parties informed .

author by in replypublication date Sun Feb 05, 2012 19:31Report this post to the editors

you're very welcome

it really is best not to raise feeble argument in the face of overwhelming reason, so i commend you for falling on your sword.

author by Survivor - Victims of the Legal Profession .publication date Mon Feb 06, 2012 00:32Report this post to the editors

Date: 05/02/2012, 19:42:21
Name: John Gill
Email: jfgill@ymail.com
Location: County Clare,Ireland
Number: 4,312
Solicitor Damien Tansey of Wine Street, Sligo is on his way back to The Happy Hunting Ground where he discovered how to get multi-Millions of euro for his own personal use before the People of Ireland woke up.
I had calls today Sunday 5/2/2012 from Victims who I did not hear from since 2002.
Solicitor Damien Tansey has Disturbed the Hornets nest to sting himself ? one of his Victims told me today.
I just got a email to GOOGLE Indymedia vlps website closed down, People from all over the world ; some who will be in The High Court in Dublin on the 22nd day of February 2012. before Tansey and Judge Micheal Peart.
The Clergy/Child Molestors were caught with their pants around their knees by their fellow Irish Men and Women.
Now the Irish Solicitors and Barristers are caught Stealing by Stealth from their fellow Irish Men and Women, with the full support and Connivence of their Fellow Politically Appointed Solicitors and Barristers called Judges who are by name only Independent of all but God Almighty himself.
Tansy I hope that you will remember your loyal friends and colleagues who lied and Swore False Evidence to get you the top Job in N.A.M.A.
TANSEY Ireland needs you like a hole in the head.
John Gill 5/2/2012

author by Joe Ferris - VLPSpublication date Mon Feb 06, 2012 01:15author email J.ferris3 at ntlworld dot comauthor address 14 Alanvale Crescent Kilfennan Estate L/Derry, Northern Ireland, BT47 5SJauthor phone 07715140648Report this post to the editors

Hain memoir remarks 'unwarranted' BBC News. 26 January 2012 Last updated at 15:34

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-16737755 date accessed Monday 6th February 2012.

Northern Ireland's lord chief justice has criticised the former Secretary of State Peter Hain.

Sir Declan Morgan said that Mr Hain had made "unwarranted and wholly inappropriate remarks" about a decision made by a Belfast judge.

In his memoir, Mr Hain criticised the judges handling of a case regarding the appointment of an interim victims commissioner in 2006.

Mr Hain, now shadow Welsh secretary, was NI secretary from 2005 to 2007.

In his autobiography Outside In, he described Belfast High Court judge Sir Paul Girvan as having been "off his rocker" when he ruled on a judicial review challenge to the appointment of the commissioner.

As secretary of state, Mr Hain had, in 2005, appointed Bertha McDougall as an interim commissioner for victims of the troubles.

Mrs McDougall's appointment was appealed to the High Court, and Sir Paul Girvan ruled that it had been made for "improper political purpose".

In his book, Mr Hain claimed the decision had been "idiosyncratic" and "high-handed".

Northern Ireland's most senior legal figure described the comments as having the potential to amount to "an assault on the wider independence of the judiciary".

On Thursday, Sir Declan said: "There is a statutory obligation on those in ministerial office to uphold judicial independence.

"In this instance however, it is difficult to regard the remarks as anything other than undermining and unhelpful to the administration of justice in Northern Ireland."

The Northern Ireland Assembly's justice comittee is to invite Mr Hain to appear before them to give evidence on the review of judicial appointments in Northern Ireland.]

Would all ordinary decent people, perhaps agree, it is incredible that the ‘derogatory’ statement by former Northern Ireland Secretary of State Peter Hain, that

‘.. Belfast High Court judge Sir Paul Girvan as having been "off his rocker"

is not giving rise to Judge Sir Paul Girvan to ‘issue proceedings for defamation’ and seek an injunction to prevent publication of Peter Hain’s autiobiography?

Could it also be argued the Order of Judge Peart is also "idiosyncratic" and "high-handed" and also a ‘significant injustice’ of ‘collective punishment of all VLPS members’ given that ‘ Collective punishment is the punishment of a group of people as a result of the behavior of one or more other individuals’?

Could it be most forcefully argued that the Order by Judge Peart to close the Victims of the Legal Profession (VLPS) website is a breach of:-

[Article 10: Freedom of Expression

(1) Everyone has the right of freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without inference by public authority and regardless of frontiers. This Article shall not prevent States from requiring the licensing of broadcasting, television or cinema enterprises.]

and ‘Breaching the Human Rights’ all members of the VLPS (those living in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland or living in civilised countries throughout the world with internet access)

of our ‘Freedom of Expression’ as stated in the European Court of Human Rights and specifically Article 10? Joe Ferris

author by Survivor - Victims of the Legal Profession .publication date Mon Feb 06, 2012 04:03Report this post to the editors

Date: 05/02/2012, 12:27:41
Name: John Gill
Email: jfgill@ymail.com
Location: County Clare Ireland
Number: 4,308
There is an On-Slaught of Mayhem on Innocent Civilians by the Powers that be in Syria while the helpless World looks on.

In Ireland there is a on-slaught against Vulnerable and Innocent Civilians by Solicitors,Barristers aided, abbetted and 100% supported by Policically Appointed Judges ; I.E. State appointed Terriorists. Their names are as follows. ;
(1) Solicitor Damien Tansey,Barrister Richard Humphreys and High Court Judge Micheal Peart in the Torture and Humiliation of John Gill with Distortion Lies and Deception.
(2) Solicitor Donagh Cleary, Barrister Peter Nolan and Circuit Court Judge John O'Hagan, in The Eviction,Humiliation Torture of Aileen Doherty & her three Children, Lifford,Co.Donegal
(3) Solicitors Audrey Shannon of McHale Solicitors, Ballina Co.Mayo, Barristers,,Circuit Court & High Court Judges, Irish Land Registry Solicitors & Barristers, in the Humiliation and Theft of Rosemary Grehams four Land FOLIOS in the Ballina Area of County Mayo.
(4) Humiliation and Mental Torture of Eileen Gunning at Blacklion, Greystones, Co.Wicklow by Solicitors Brian Sherry,Jessica Hickey, Barrister Damien Sheridan aided and abetted in open Court by Human Rights High Court Judge Gerard Hogan 100% No Doubt/No Question.
(5) Humiliated and Tortured in County Donegal by Solicitors linked to Disgraced Solicitor Sean McGlynn, Donegal Barristers and Friends of Circuit Court Judge John O'Hagan.
Circuit Court Judge John O'Hagan a Fianna Fail Recruit has been involved in Eileen Dohertys Fraud, Micheal McLaughlins Fraud, Eileen McLaughlins Fraud, John McMahons Fraud, Eileen Gunnings Theft and Fraud, My John Gill's Theft,Fraud and coverup of Perjury and Forgery, The Theft, Fraud,Forgery, and Distortion of the Truth in the Forgery of the Will and Probate of Daniel and Elva Gallaghers Ansestral Home. Sean McGlynn,Failed Solicitor {Struck off} is a typical example of the low standards of Solicitors,Barristers and Politically Appointed Judges in Ireland.
We are a small Nation and we all know each other but by Intimidation,Threat and Fear Judges Barristers & Solicitors NO DIFFERENT TO THE IRISH CLERGY have over the years walked all over us. Be under no Illusions ; The whole of our Legal and Judicial System are Illegially and Unlawfully are determined to use and abuse the Law and the Irish Constitution to Defeat you and me by Corrupt Court ORDERS
John Gill 5/2/2012

author by Survivor - Victims of the Legal Profession .publication date Mon Feb 06, 2012 04:31Report this post to the editors

Love us or Loathe us ,the Victims of the Legal Profession , myself included , have stood our ground against all the odds , most have been humiliated , scorned , ridiculed beyond all reason when all we are trying to do is relay the truth to the many thousands of people around the Island of Ireland & further afield as far away across the Globe , i for my part am a genuine survivor of the legal profession scum who took me for granted when 'they' thought i would just walk away & forget , i may have walked away as is my prerogative given the simple separation involved , but forget , forget the cowardice involved , the behind the scenes hypocritical behaviour of the crooked liar , no thank you , it is my duty of care to write as is my duty of care to educate others who may have walked into the collusion i walked into , fore armed is fore warned & knowing i cant turn back the clock, what i do know is i have prevented many from dealing with a liar solicitor who is now , and i quote , ''walking up the main street pretending he's on his mobile fone '' , that's the reward the liar gets & the liar solicitor is indeed ashamed and sorry he ever took me on in the first place, he was my solicitor on one case prior to this marathon case but was beaten by a cheque book written by the 'opposition' who wrote blank cheques by the score to suit the 'storyline' has now become the dearest cheque he ever received in all his years as a 'solicitor' ;

author by W. Finnertypublication date Mon Feb 06, 2012 08:06Report this post to the editors

"However much our Judiciary and the rest of our legal profession might like to believe it is for them to finally determine what is constitutional in the Republic of Ireland, and to act in the pretence that they really do have such enormous powers, all amounts to nothing more than a complete pack of lies (to the very best of my knowledge): unless of course our legal profession can successfully manage to hoodwink the general public, with the help of our grossly corrupt Establishment Media, to believe their cunning lies and deceptions to be the 'truth'."

The above excerpt is from an e-mail sent yesterday to a selection of Irish lawyers and law firms. The full text of the e-mail used can be viewed at:

Article 6.1 of Bunreacht na hEireann (Constitution of the Republic of Ireland) reads as follows:

"All powers of government, legislative, executive and judicial, derive, under God, from the people, whose right it is to designate the rulers of the State and, in final appeal, to decide all questions of national policy, according to the requirements of the common good."

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