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Cedar Lounge
For Lefties too Stubborn to Quit

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Dublin Opinion
It's a group blog. What more do you need to know?

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Irish Left Review
Joined up thinking for the Irish Left

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A shot at bias in the media

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Rabbites Betrayal Of Ireland

categorynational | miscellaneous | opinion/analysisauthor Monday October 17, 2011 17:41author by Declan CullenReport this post to the editors

Pat Rabbite expects us to believe that drilling for our own resources is not viable, yet letting a foreign company come in and do it (at a low tax rate) is the way.......

Remember Corrib
Remember Corrib

Pat Rabbite expects us to believe that drilling for our own resources is not viable, yet letting a foreign company come in and do it (at a low tax rate) is the way to go. It goes to show the little respect the politicians have for the citizens of Ireland, and its resources. Has everyone forgotten Shell's antics in Mayo? The current giveaway deals for Ireland's resources were hammered out at the Trilateral Commission meeting in Dublin last may and at earlier meetings with key players in the Banking and Oil sector. The Fine Gael / Lab Government is just continuing a process that was started by previous Fianna Fail governments, and the latter coalition with the Green Party. The theft of Ireland's resources will only stop when the whole population of Ireland come together and defend the nation against the forces that want to tear our country, and its people, apart. This government does not run the country, they are only actors who we elect in order to give the impression that we have a say. Their bosses are secure behind the curtain. The real rulers of our country are the Banks and the Multi - Nationals. But don't give up yet, we have the power to stop this, but we have to stop fighting amongst ourselves and start focusing on these outside forces that are responsible for the robbery of our country.

author by Karinapublication date Mon Oct 17, 2011 23:30Report this post to the editors

And don't forget that other sod McGilmore who's now playing the fool with Cameron's rejection of a public inquiry over Pat Finucane's case. If Cameron does not want a public inquiry is because he is CERTAIN of British collusion in those crimes as in many thousand more, including torture, rape and disappearances. Shame on Gilmore, who were so busy a-r-s-e-l-i-c-k-i-n-g his buddies Cameron and the Queen, saying that we had to "get over the past" while he made a fool of himself like a shameless Paddy-clown. Where are his friends now? They let him down? And still he dares to attack true republican patriots who stood up for their people while he was cowardly bending to London. They should know that true Irish people, not shameless Westbrits as Rabbite or Gilmore will never get over the past while there is no justice, while there are still troops in the North, while there is no truth and public inquiry over evil deeds done in this fine island they are ruinning while in government. Shame, shame, shame!

author by W. Finnertypublication date Tue Oct 18, 2011 10:33Report this post to the editors

I believe the general problem is much, much bigger, and involves a great many more people.

Further information on what I believe is closer to the true nature, and the true overall size of the general problem we (as a Nation) are at present disastrously saddled with, can be found via the following two links:

5.4 trillion Euros (overall size of Republic of Ireland's oil and gas resources), not 540 billion:

As with the multi-billion Euros bank bailouts (for the bankers "derivatives" multi-trillion Euros gambling debts), "The People" are not being consulted ("Common Good" Article 6.1 violation of our written Constitution):

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